ZVOX AccuVoice TV soundbar and virtual subwoofer are on sale at HSN

ZVOX AccuVoice TV soundbar and virtual subwoofer are on sale at HSN

ZVOX AccuVoice TV soundbar and virtual subwoofer are on sale at HSN

If you have to turn on subtitles, you find yourself constantly muttering “What did that guy just say?” or you tend to rewind in bursts of 10 seconds just to capture dialogue, you may need a soundbar in your life. A soundbar is a simple add-on to your entertainment system, but it deeply elevates your audio. And right now, HSN has an incredible offer: the AccuVoice ZVOX AV355 soundbar with virtual subwoofer, available in black, bronze or graphite, retails for just $ 130, an unheard-of $ 181 off the original price of $ 311. (if purchased separately)! This baby will blend seamlessly into your living room (or any room) and deliver clearer dialogue than ever … not to mention cinema-quality magnificence during action movies.

Don’t want to pay everything at once? Instead, opt for three Flex Play installments of just $ 43. Plus, if you’re a first-time HSN buyer, you can get an extra $ 20 discount on a purchase of $ 40 or more with the code HSN2022.

Now it’s time to take the plunge and turn up the volume.

Offering twelve levels of voice control, it pushes the boundaries of all other options in its price range (this TCL Alto, for example, only offers three levels … and costs a lot more).

TV with bronze soundbar shown below it

The ZVOX AV355 is the best audio enhancement deal out there, “slash” none. (Photo: HSN)

Do you want details? The 24-inch wide AccuVoice ZVOX AV355 soundbar with virtual subwoofer uses special hearing aid technology to enhance on-screen dialogue; this means that you will get crystal clear conversation without having to turn up the volume of the TV at high volume. Vocals come out crisp and detailed, while other sounds float at just the right level.

And we’ve all been in that situation where an ad comes up and it sounds ten times louder than the show you were watching and makes you jump out of your chair. This PUP’s output smoothing feature prevents that jolt of noise, while the intelligent processor manipulates the sound as you flip channels to avoid those screeching moments altogether.

Get it from these happy customers:

“I struggled to hear some of the TV dialogue unless I had the volume of my old sound system to the point where it could be heard throughout the house,” shares one. “After a simple and straightforward installation of the ZVOX system I was able to hear clearly without the excessive volume. Great product. Worth it!”

Another adds: “I am grateful that ZVOX invented a low profile model. Everyone else has blocked the remote sensor on the TV. As for the sound, it definitely helps these old ears to understand the dialogue.”

And when you really want to turn it up, you can; Your new ZVOX soundbar offers three levels of theater-like 3D sound to enhance your music, background effects and overall sound design (think virtual surround sound). What’s more, this machine can be linked to your Amazon Echo products to get super clear voices from those too.

Setting up your new ZVOX soundbar is easy. Just plug it into your TV’s RCA or digital optical (TOSLINK) port and you’re done. So listen: get yours for a whopping $ 181 discount while you can!

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