Worcester will not play as “victims” even if there are 20 minutes left

Worcester will not play as “victims” even if there are 20 minutes left

Worcester will not play as “victims” even if there are 20 minutes left

Steve Diamond: Worcester won't play like

Steve Diamond: Worcester will not play as “victims” even if there are 20 minutes left – GETTY IMAGES

Steve Diamond has vowed that his Worcester Warriors players will not behave like “victims” against London Irish on Saturday, although lack of fitness in the match could make them “exalt out of their a —-” after the top 20. minutes.

Diamond, who pointed out that the match would go on even if the crisis-stricken club traveled to Brentford from the West Midlands “on our bikes”, even suggested that the opportunity to attract new clubs could spur his allegations. .

Although the players received their salary for August, the other staff members were paid only 65%. It is understood that about 10 members of the Warriors behind-the-scenes organization have yet to be paid. Adam Hewitt Ltd, a major partner of the club, stepped in to provide a van. Diamond has offered to cover other costs himself.

A pre-season match against the Glasgow Warriors in Inverness was canceled at short notice last week, but Diamond hailed an “exceptional” training week and showed a brave face despite these difficult circumstances.

“One of the advantages of not playing a pre-season friendly is that they do [Irish] we won’t be able to see what we’re doing, even if we breathe without a —- after 20 minutes, I think, ”he said.

“Getting a team out is good enough, doing well will be even better. If we win, we could stop at the first out-of-license on the way home. “

Nick Easter and Mark Jones, Worcester’s oldest coaches, were also praised when Diamond explained why there would be no lack of motivation.

“I’m waiting for the players to come onto the pitch [thinking], ‘This is what we are concerned with, for two reasons. One, because all of them, for one man, stayed true to what we said we were going to do before these problems happened and they got paid. And two, because they are featured, there are other clubs looking at the current gaming staff, as I would be if I were in their shoes.

“If there is a plethora of players who have become unemployed, then you want to be in the best position in terms of fitness and performance to get a job.”

Diamond confirmed that Kyle Hatherell, the tough defender rower, is the only player to have asked to leave Warriors so far. Hatherell has not yet finalized a future destination, with Diamond willing to listen to offers.

Kyle Hatherell of the Worcester Warriors during the Gallagher Premiership - GETTY IMAGES

Kyle Hatherell of the Worcester Warriors during the Gallagher Premiership – GETTY IMAGES

No other Worcester players have voluntarily withdrawn from the selection.

“It’s kind of like taking a horse to a stable,” Diamond said. “If you have to put a bag over his head, turn him around and send him in, you don’t want him to run, do you? But there is absolutely none of them. “

Colin Goldring and Jason Whittingham, the co-owners of Worcester, have been in contact with Diamond previously to say they are in contact with an investor who was showing “strong interest”. Avoiding the administration and keeping the “P share” which gives Worcester a significant chunk of Premiership revenue would be a desirable outcome.

“I think for all concerned, a new owner would be best,” said Diamond.

“We’ve all read things about DCMS being in control of this to some degree. But you have to credit the current ownership. If they can find an investor to either assist them or walk in to take them out, then I think that would be the best way.

“If you go into administration, you are potentially demoted and lose your P-stake, which is your core funding. So you would end up for a year, maybe coming back but then, what, maybe £ 4 million behind every other club?

“I can’t see the other 12 owners saying, ‘You won’t lose your P share’ and why should they?”

Following the match against the Exiles, Worcester will welcome Exeter Chiefs and Newcastle Falcons to Sixways in rounds two and three.

Diamond is determined this weekend should earn goodwill among a suffering fan base.

“We have to do what’s right for Worcester Warriors and hopefully the support that has been shown to me personally will be seen in abundance on Sunday week. [against Exeter]”He said.

“But we have to play well for that and make a performance at London Irish. I don’t expect people to feel sorry for us. We are not victims here. This is just an unfortunate situation that we have to fight to get out of.

“I don’t want anyone to look at us and say ‘Ooh, they’re brave.’ That’s not how we are. We’re not going to London Irish as victims, trust me. No chance. “

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