Who voices the new Sumeru characters in Genshin Impact?

Who voices the new Sumeru characters in Genshin Impact?

Who voices the new Sumeru characters in Genshin Impact?

With the release of Genshin Impact version 3.0we finally met the first batch of new Sumeru characters: the Avidya Forest Ranger Tighnari and her apprentice (and returning character) Collei, as well as the mysterious and cunning merchant Dori.

In addition to learning about their lore and contribution to Sumeru’s overall storyline, we’re also interested in how they were brought to life by the voice actors who have joined the talent roster currently in the game.

So, which actors dub Tighnari, Collei and Dori? Read on to find out!


Elliot Gindi with a cap, illustration by Tighnari, Sanae Kobayashi smiling at the camera

Elliot Gindi (EN) and Sanae Kobayashi (JP) are the voices of Tighnari. (Photo: Elliot Gindi, HoYoverse, Sigma Seven)

EN: Elliot Gindi

Elliot Gindi, a voice actor from Brooklyn, New York, brings our fluffy-eared Forest Ranger to life in English vocal lines.

Before voicing Tighnari, he starred in a comedy podcast titled “Brimstone Valley Mall”, and was also in a tabletop RPG fiction podcast “Undercity”.

It has also been featured in some episodes of Pokemon Journeys: The Series in episodes 98 and 99.

If you want to know more about Gindi, post regularly on Twitter @ElliotGindiVO.

He also streams on Twitch with other Genshin VA, which you can see on his Twitch channel ElliotGindiVo.

JP: Kobayashi Sanae

Tighnari’s Japanese vocal lines are performed by Kobayashi Sanae, a Japanese voice actress currently affiliated with Sigma Seven.

She hails from Shizuoka, Japan, and has been a voice actress since 1999.

Kobayashi has voiced numerous characters in a wide range of anime genres, most notably Allen Walker in D. Gray-man, Tenjounin Asuka in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and more recently as Roshuku Shikei in Shin Ikki Tousen.

In the games, she voiced Natasha (or you’ll know her better for her “Raven” battle suit) in Honkai Impact 3rd, Popo and Nana in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Saga in Arknights.


Christina Costello holds her right arm above her head, Collei in Genshin Impact, Maekawa Ryoko intertwines her hands

Christina Costello (EN) and Maekawa Ryoko (JP) are the voices of Collei. (Photo: Christina Costello, HoYoverse, Maekawa Ryoko)

EN: Christina Costello

Collei’s English voice actress Christina Costello is a mixed Middle Eastern talent represented by STARS in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has voiced in a couple of anime shows like Love Live! Superstar, Frontline Girls and Taisho Otome Fairytale.

He also does voice work for a variety of games, audio dramas, commercials, and even e-learning.

You can follow her on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.

JP: Maekawa Ryoko

Collei’s Japanese vocal lines come from Maekawa Ryoko, a voice actress originally from Kanagawa, Japan.

She is currently affiliated with Atomic Monkey and previously voiced mostly secondary characters such as Ayane Mizuno in Tsukigakirei, Kokomi Yoshizawa in Kengan Ashura Pat II, and Sasayama Sayaka in Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V.

In the games, it was Wendy inside Honkai Impact 3rdMiwa Mishima inside From Capo 4and Tenka Osaki inside The Idolmasters: bright colors.


Anjali Kunapaneni smiles at the camera, Dori in Genshin Impact, Kaneda Tomoko smiles at the camera

Anjali Kunapaneni (EN) and Kaneda Tomoko (JP) are the voices of Dori. (Photo: Anjali Kunapenani, HoYoverse, Across Entertainment)

IT: Anjali Kunapaneni

Dori’s English voice actor is Anjali Kunapaneni, also a production manager who has been a recurring voice in Genshin Impacthaving voiced NPCs such as Izumi Naki, Momoko and Riku from Inazuma.

In the anime, they gave birth to Danika in Pokemon, Kiriko in Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward, and Ramzi in Attack on Titan.

In other games, they voiced Mimi Imimi Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Dawn of Battle RoyaleNerissa inside Lucifer within usand Courtney inside Pokemon Masters.

You can follow Anjali Twitter.

JP: Kaneda Tomoko

On the Japanese side, Dori is animated by Kaneda Tomoko, a voice actress and radio personality whose career began in 2000.

She is also from Kanagawa, Japan and is currently affiliated with Across Entertainment.

Kaneda has voiced numerous young and / or secondary characters in anime, such as Bleach, DN Angel and InuYasha, as her voice is very high-pitched and childlike, allowing her to be played in younger roles.

She was also the star of numerous radio programs.

Yan Ku is a full time dog parent, part time player (gacha) and part time writer.

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