March 17, 2023
WHAT A levels are needed to become a lawyer?

WHAT A levels are needed to become a lawyer?


If you are finding yourself asking these questions, then I can tell you that becoming a lawyer is very difficult. But don’t worry, because there is no need to feel frustrated or lost! Did you know that some of the best law schools have a minimum A levels requirements?

There are vast differences between the qualifications required to become a lawyer in the UK, the USA, and other countries. In some countries, all you need is an A level. In others, you need 4 years of law studies and 2 years’ experience before being considered a professional lawyer.

WHAT A levels are needed to become a lawyer?

A-Levels are a prerequisite for admission to courses at many universities in the UK.

You will need a minimum of 3 A-Levels at Grade A or above in English Language, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and any other subject you have chosen to study at A Level. You will also need 2 Highers at Grade B or higher in your second subject.

The following subjects are required:

English Language – Required (minimum grade B) OR Higher Level Modern Studies (EALC) OR Higher Level Further Mathematics (MATHEMATICS) OR Higher Level Geography (GEOGRAPHY) OR Higher Level Further Mathematics (MATHEMATICS).

Mathematics – Required (minimum grade B) OR Higher Level Further Mathematics (MATHEMATICS) OR Higher Level Geography (GEOGRAPHY).

Additional Subjects – Additional Subjects may be studied, with the teacher’s permission, provided that they are relevant and/or taken at A2 level. These may include Economics and Politics, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology but not Philosophy nor Music.

You need to have 2 A levels to study law at university. You will also need to achieve a pass in your first-year dissertation and a pass in your second-year dissertation.

You can choose any subject from that list, but you will have to demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter. For example, if you choose Economics, you should be able to explain how it is used in everyday life and comment on the important economic issues facing society today.

To become a lawyer you will need to achieve at least two A*s in GCSEs, including Maths and English. There are also a number of law courses available that don’t require A levels, so it’s worth considering these if you are not sure what your options are.

Level subjects typically studied at GCSE include:

Maths – usually three subjects, including Mathematics ( Further Mathematics ) or Statistics ( Further Statistics ).

English – usually three subjects, including English Language or Literature ( Further English ) or English Literature ( Further English Literature ).

One Science subject – usually Biology, Chemistry, and Physics which are usually offered as a single science.


In conclusion, if you’re still not sure what your next step should be after taking your A Levels, you should consider getting a law degree. It sounds like something that may be suited to you, and it could help get you on the right career path. Hopefully, we’ve narrowed down all of the options for you into something more manageable.

It’s worth noting that although the bulk of the A-level subjects is some combination of Maths, English, and one or two other subjects (e.g. History, Classics, etc.), it is conceivable that a non-standard combination could lead to an acceptance into a top law school.

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