Volleyball World Cup, Italy-France 3-2 and Azzurri in the semifinals

Volleyball World Cup, Italy-France 3-2 and Azzurri in the semifinals

Volleyball World Cup, Italy-France 3-2 and Azzurri in the semifinals

(Adnkronos) – Italy beats the Olympic champions of France 3-2 (24-26, 25-21, 23-25. 25-22, 15-12) and qualifies for the semi-finals of the Volleyball World Cup in progress in Slovenia. The blues led by Fefe De Giorgi now the winner of the quarter final between Slovenia and Ukraine.

Giannelli and his teammates managed to earn a place among the top four in the world, after a hard fight with the French that lasted five very tight sets but to do so they had to win one of the favorites to win the world title, a group that in the last years he has collected 2 World League (2015, 2017), a continental title (2015), the gold medal at the Olympics (2021) and a VNL (2022). The team led by Andrea Giani was on the hunt for the only title that was missing from the bulletin board and which will have to be postponed.

In the first set the Azzurri started very well, accumulating an advantage that the French were able to recover at 13-13. The situation continued with the teams that played ball after ball (21-21) also thanks to a more foul Italy than a start especially in the service.

Right in the final, however, the French at +2 (21-23), but the Azzurri were good at not giving up (23-23 and 24-24); Despite the efforts made by Giannelli and his companions, however, the transalpines closed to the advantages on 26-24 with more than one plant in the Italian ranks for a partial that perhaps could have taken a different turn also thanks to a “very dubious” referee call. . Second set in which the plot of the match did not change with paired teams and with the Azzurri they tried a first break (12-9) promptly resumed (12-12). After a prolonged tie (17-17) Azzurri again on +2 (19-17, 20-18); advanced advantage on +4 up to 25-21 which decreed the deserved parity thanks to a well played and administered part with greater attention than the previous one.

Third set started with the Azzurri good at reaching +3 (8-5), but transalpine still able to impact on 8-8. Giannelli and his teammates, however, did not let go and three blue walls broke the balance again (+3, 13-10). The match became vibrant with a very heated atmosphere under the net, the Azzurri continued to maintain a variable advantage (14-11, 15-12, 19-15, 19-17), but in the highlight of the partial De Giorgi’s boys squandered the good things they had done up to that moment, ending up yielding 23-25 ​​after having canceled a set ball to their opponents. Fourth set started with De Giorgi’s boys who suffered a little from the psychological repercussions of the previous stage, but still decided not to give up: 9-9, 12-12, 14-14. The Azzurri, however, were really good at believing it, always taking on 19-17, giving nothing to their opponents (20-18, 21-19, 22-20, 23-20) and going to take a tie-break thanks to a throbbing 25 -22 which gave great emotions. Last set on fire, but blues well inside the match flying on +5 (7-2, 8-3, 9-4, 10-5, 11-6) for a tie-break closed on 15-12

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