Those over 75 will be called for Covid and flu vaccinations from next week

Those over 75 will be called for Covid and flu vaccinations from next week

Those over 75 will be called for Covid and flu vaccinations from next week

Covid Shots - Leon Neal / PA

Covid Shots – Leon Neal / PA

Those over 75 must be called forward for Covid and flu shots from next week as the launch of the fall boosters begins.

More than four million people will be able to start booking jabs as the national booking service opens up to the most vulnerable.

From Monday, nursing home residents, staff and individuals and homebound people will be offered refills. By Wednesday, millions of seniors will receive invitations to book a vaccination.

This fall, Covid booster shots are being offered to some 26 million people, including all over 50s. For the most part, it will be their fourth dose.

The vaccines will also be offered to health and healthcare professionals and millions of people with chronic diseases. In most cases, they will be offered along with flu shots.

Health officials said the NHS will contact those eligible when it comes time to book, with millions of people expected to receive invitations this week. A record 3,100 sites are expected to be part of the launch, including family medical practices and community pharmacies.

The Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee (JCVI) said Moderna’s new omicron vaccine will be the default option throughout the fall campaign.

Modern estimates that 13 million doses of the vaccine will be available this year, but 26 million people can benefit from some form of Covid booster along with a flu shot.

But health officials have urged those who are eligible to accept any boosters offered, noting that all types offered offer excellent protection against serious illness and death.

Covid cases are at their lowest since the fall

The launch comes as data suggests Covid infections in England are nearing their lowest level since the emergence of omicron last fall.

It is believed that one in 60 people in England – around 893,000 people – were infected with the virus in the week ending 23 August, with a prevalence of 1.64%.

This is down more than a quarter from the week before, and infections have declined for five consecutive weeks, down by an average of 22 percent week over week. At this rate, the level of Covid across the country will drop to just 1.28% next week, the lowest level since mid-September 2021.

However, health chiefs said they expected a resurgence of Covid and flu in the coming weeks.

Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of the NHS, said: “The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from serious illness is to get the newly approved next-generation Covid vaccine when invited to do so, as well as your annual flu shot, for policyholders. to have maximum protection.

Primary care doctors will be paid up to £ 525 per nursing home affected by the new NHS incentives. Previously, family doctors received rates of up to £ 30 per injection, plus a base rate of £ 13, to vaccinate every nursing home resident.

The new flat rate will be paid when all eligible residents have been affected. The payments mean family doctors can receive £ 525 for vaccinating more than 150 residents, dropping to £ 150 for a home with fewer than 10 eligible people.

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