This is all you need to know

This is all you need to know

This is all you need to know

It’s that time of year again when Apple unveils some of its latest technology on the big stage at its main event.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Wednesday that the event will focus on three products, iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch.

The tech giant is expected to debut its iPhone 14 range at the event which has been called “Far Out” and will take place at Apple’s Cupertino California headquarters. You can watch the event live on Apple’s website or YouTube.

As usual, Apple has kept a lot of details under wraps. But here’s what we could expect from the presentation of “Far Out”.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

Tim Cook said Apple was doing “great” with the iPhone 14 and “even bigger with the iPhone 14 Plus”.

Both versions have 6.1-inch versions in addition to the larger 6.7-inch versions

The latest device includes upgrades to the camera, including better low-light performance and a tool to make videos more stable.

Ultimately, the iPhone remains a crucial product for Apple. It opens the doors to the Apple universe and generates significant value

The new iPhone will also have improved battery life and more durable ceramic screens.

Pre-orders start on September 9th and the smaller version will go on sale on September 16th. But the iPhone 14 Plus won’t ship until October.

Price increase?

Observers were also eager to see if the latest iPhone is more expensive than the iPhone 13 in light of rising inflation and economic turmoil.

The iPhone 14 is actually the same price as the iPhone 13 at $ 799 (over € 800), while the iPhone 14 is at $ 899, cheaper than the iPhone 13 Pro at $ 999 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $ 1,099 (over € 1,100).

“With family bills all going in the wrong direction, it still represents a real test of consumers’ appetite for shelling out for these latest brilliant devices. Plus the true power of the Apple brand in a tough economic climate with everyone tightening their belts.” . said Paolo Pescatore, tech, media and telco analyst.

“While these subtle improvements may go unnoticed, they remain critical to improving the whole experience for iPhone users,” he told Euronews Next, adding that it makes sense to focus on what works best rather than moving into nascent segments like folding or smart glasses.

“Probably why change a successful and proven formula? Ultimately, the iPhone remains a crucial product for Apple. It opens the door to the Apple universe and generates significant value,” he said.

Another new update is that all US iPhone 14 models will no longer have a physical SIM card and will be replaced with an eSIM which Apple says is better for security and can support more phone numbers.

“The move to eSIM may seem like a blow to telecommunications, Apple’s most trusted channel. This makes perfect sense for all parties and for a sustainable environment,” said Pescatore.

“Adoption has been limited for now, but this will is now set to change as Apple initiates consumer adoption. Telecom companies must now prepare for this and upgrade their systems to cope with this significant development. “.

The phones will also have a service called Emergency SOS via Satellite, which allows connection to emergency services if the user is out of range of the cell phone or wi-fi.

Apple watch

New Apple Watch model unveiled.

Watch Series 8 will have a larger display and more health features, including a body temperature sensor, which is specially designed for women to predict when they ovulate and their menstrual cycle. It can also perform an ECG, measure blood oxygen, and monitor sleep.


Apple enters the extreme sports market with its new Apple Watch Ultra – Apple

The Apple Watch also has a so-called “crash detection”, used in the event of a car accident. It can detect a serious incident and contact emergency services and provide your location.

The watch will also be resistant to swimming and cracking.

It costs at least $ 399 (around € 400) for an aluminum model and $ 499 (around € 500) for one with cellular connectivity. It will be available for purchase on September 16.

Apple Watch SE

Apple also has a redesigned Apple Watch SE, which is cheaper than its main 8 series at $ 249 or $ 299. It features a larger screen, heart rate notification, and drop detection.

The tech company is marketing it as a baby device.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple also unveiled the new Apple Watch Ultra, designed for long-distance running and exploration. It has dual frequency GPS and you can leave pins to let people know where you are.

Apple says the watch can get up to 60 hours of battery life so you can run a marathon and more and explore the most remote places in extreme weather.

It has a high cost of $ 799.

New AirPods

A new Airpod model is also on the way, which will have more sensors and improved sound quality. It will also have a noise canceling feature.

They cost $ 249 and go on sale on September 23rd.

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