These JBL headphones are available on Amazon

These JBL headphones are available on Amazon

These JBL headphones are available on Amazon

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JBL offers headphones of all shapes and sizes – you are sure to find the one that suits your needs! (Photo: Amazon)

At the risk of stating the obvious, JBL is one of the best known brands in audio, and for good reason. The company’s speakers and audio accessories typically have thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon. From traditional over-ear cans to wireless earbuds, you’re sure to find a style at the mega-retailer that suits your needs. Here are some of our favorites.

Tuning 510BT

On-ear headphones typically offer a more immersive audio experience than in-ear headphones, and some also find them much more comfortable. Well, JBL’s Tune 510BTs are better than the others. How? We count the ways. They offer the brand’s signature Pure Bass sound and feature wireless Bluetooth 5.0 streaming. Then there’s their workhorse of a battery, which will give you up to 40 hours of listening on a single charge. How about some voice assistance? Just press the button on the earcup and get Siri or Google to work.

“These are very good headphones, and I don’t mean just by price,” said one buyer. “These are great all-round headphones! I have had Beats for four years which fell apart. I searched on a budget and decided on these, and I don’t feel like sacrificing at all. Very comfortable. Not at all tight on my head. I travel by plane twice a month, so I wear them for hours and hours. No earache or pressure in the head. I also like that the controls are not directly on the side so when I fall asleep on a plane the volume is not adjusted or the pause is hit …. The sound is crisp, the bass is loud, the volume is perfect – no complaints ! “

Tuning 760NC

You know what? When it comes to the 760NCs, the following testimony is more compelling than any of our sales propositions ….

“I have two young children and I needed noise canceling headphones when I started working from home. I didn’t want to spend $ 350 on Sony or Bose, so I took a chance with these and I’m very glad I did,” he said. said this mother knows best. “I also recently took a flight and put the NC to the test, and ended up falling asleep on the plane because it worked so well – ha ha. I’ve never done this before. You can stop comparing headphones because these are perfect ! “

Tune 500

If you want a cheaper alternative and don’t mind using wired phones, the Tune 500s are a decent option. They cost only $ 25 but are well above their weight when it comes to delivering clear sound with pure, deep bass. Some other benefits: They are lightweight, foldable, and come in four different colors. If there’s a more impressive testimony than this, we haven’t seen it: “I love these. They’re better than my last pair, which were Sony … They even sound better than my Beats earphones!”

Vibra 200TWS


JBL Vibe 200TWS True Wireless Earphones

$ 30$ 50Save $ 20

$ 30 on Amazon

Aside from their sweet $ 20 downside, these gems offer another fantastic perk: dual connection technology, which allows you to take calls or listen to music with one of the gems (or both). An advantage: you can use one and leave the other in the case to save battery.

We all know that Apple’s AirPods are one of the most popular wireless earbuds on the market. But they are also some of the most expensive; a pair can easily make you over $ 200. Fortunately, JBL has a few main alternatives. One of them is their True Wireless Vibe 200TWS earphones, which offer robust bass and clear tones at a very affordable price: just $ 50. The 200TWS has 20 hours of combined playback; five hours with the earbuds plus another 15 hours with the charging case. They come with three sizes of rubber pads to ensure a perfect fit.

“These are the perfect earphones,” enthused one buyer. “They sound great, and even just having them without any sound cancels so much background noise it’s crazy! … The sound quality feels super balanced whether you have one or both at the same time … Smaller than most earphones and the case is not bulky at all. The size of a small matchbox … Essential earphones … Really beautiful !!! “

Vibra 100TWS

If, on the other hand, you prefer earphones that have a tighter fit, the Vibe 100TWS might be more your style. The soft earbuds form a perfect seal in your ears for enhanced sound clarity and are sure to feel comfortable even after hours of listening to your favorite audiobooks. They have a combined battery life of 20 hours – five in the earbuds and another 15 hours with the charging case. They are also only $ 50

“I bought these on a whim. I already own Sennheiser buds, but was looking for something to take with me on long journeys, “said one happy buyer.” Good sound and volume was what I was looking for and these deliver. At first I thought they were metallic, but after a few hours the sound warmed up and the bass came in fine. “

Tune 110BT

THE couple for people who like to be as detached from their personal audio gear as possible. How free will you be from obstacles? These babies barely weigh.64 oz. Oh, and they sport one-button operation on their cable that doesn’t twist and hardly dangles. All that freedom won’t leave you deprived of excellent audio quality, however, thanks to the 110BT’s dual 9mm drivers. Said this funky frau: “I love heavy bass songs and I know it’s a little dramatic, but seriously, my soul is so happy with the bass, and not the crazy highs, it’s very balanced. They’re amazing. I have even had my husband yelling at me to see if I could hear him, and it was like a little hum in the background. Love. Love. Love. “

If you have Amazon Prime, you will obviously have free shipping. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $ 25 or more.)

The above reviews reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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