The new hydro resonance empowers most of the hydro characters, plus Hu Tao, Zhongli

The new hydro resonance empowers most of the hydro characters, plus Hu Tao, Zhongli

The new hydro resonance empowers most of the hydro characters, plus Hu Tao, Zhongli

Hydro characters from Genshin Impact Ayato, Barbara, Xingqiu, Yelan, Kokomi and Hu Tao, Zhongli

This new Hydro Resonance bonus boosts Hydro characters like Yelan and Sangonomiya Kokomi, as well as non-Hydro characters like Hu Tao and Zhongli. (Photo: HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact version 3.0 not only has a new map, a new element and new characters, there is also a big change in one of the Elemental Resonances that players usually keep in mind when making up their teams.

We all know that elemental resonances are of great help in battle, which is why we tend to form teams that have two characters of the same element to get the buffs from that element’s resonance.

The most used resonance, for example, is the pyro resonance which offers a 25% increase in ATK at group level.

Now, we don’t all want to say this, but Hydro had the worst Resonance buff of all the elements. He was oriented towards healers, giving a 25% healing bonus to the team.

It’s not like it was useless, but it’s not exactly what you need if you want to have a more powerful team.

Most of the time, players prefer to have a buff that helps them deal more damage instead of something that just helps them have a full HP bar.

Luckily for us, HoYoverse changed Hydro Resonance to be more useful to players in version 3.0.

The new hydro resonance, aside from the standard buff that causes party members to be hit by Pyro for 40% less time, now also increases the maximum HP of all party members by 25%.

This is great for characters who scale out HP, such as Yelan, Kamisato Ayato, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Xingqiu, among others. But this buff isn’t limited to just Hydro characters, as it also boosts the likes of Hu Tao and Zhongli.

Here’s how Hydro Resonance’s 25% max HP buff affects certain characters:


Increases DMG dealt by Yelan’s Special Charged Attack, Breakthrough Barb, her Elemental Ability, Lingering Lifeline and Elemental Burst, Depth Clarion-Dice.

Yelan is probably the character who likes the new Hydro Resonance bonus the most. Since nearly all of his damage drops to his maximum HP, the new Hydro Resonance increases Yelan’s damage across the board.

Kamisato Ayato

Increases the DMG of the water illusion summoned when Kamisato Ayatao uses his elemental ability, Kamisato Art: Kyouka, as well as the DMG from his Shunsuiken attacks.

While the new Hydro Resonance bonus isn’t Bobatea Ayato’s biggest buff, it still increases the damage she deals when using her elemental ability, where most of her damage goes.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Increases the healing of Bake-Kurage summoned by Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Elemental ability, Oath of Kurage, as well as her normal and charged attacks when her elemental blast, Nereid’s Ascension, is active.

Also increases the damage of his Normal, Charged and Bake-Kurage during Nereid’s Ascension.

Although Kokomi was one of the few characters who liked the previous Hydro Resonance bonus, the reworked one is still a good buff for her as it increases both her healing and damage.


Increases the amount of healing provided by the Rain Swords summoned by Xingqiu’s elemental ability, Sword Guhua: Fatal Rain Shield, and by the elemental blast, Sword Guhua: Rain Cutter, when they shatter.

Xingqiu is not entirely dependent on Hydro Resonance before or after reworking.

Even so, the increased healing he provides from his Rain Swords is still very welcome, especially when he is the only source of healing for your group.


Increases the healing provided by Barbara’s normal and charged attacks when her elemental ability, Let the Show Begins, is active, as well as her elemental blast, Shining Miracle.

Since Barbara’s main role is a healer (although there are people enjoying Barbara DPS out there, more power for you guys), the old Hydro Resonance bonus is still preferable for her.

Not just for Hydro

While most of the Hydro characters are somehow empowered by the new Hydro Resonance, Childe and Mona unfortunately get none of it.

However, there are a couple of non-Hydro characters who really love the new Hydro Resonance: Hu Tao and Zhongli’s Wangsheng Funeral Parlor duo.

Hu Tao

Increases the ATK Hu Tao gains from entering Paramita Papillo state when using his elemental ability, Guide to the Afterlife. It also increases the healing he gets when his Elemental Burst, Spirit Soother, hits enemies.

Hu Tao is one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impactwith his Elemental Ability, Guide to the Afterlife, which is the main source of his damage.

Any increase in Walnut’s maximum HP increases her damage, and having the Hydro Resonance bonus active also allows her to perform an Elemental Mastery main stat on her sands instead of HP%.


Increases the DMG drain of the jade shield created by holding Zhongli’s elemental ability, Dominus Lapidis.

It also increases the bonus DMG from its 4th Ascension Passive, Dominance of Earth. Dominance of Earth increases the DMG of its Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack attacks, as well as the Stone Stele created by Dominus Lapidis and its Elemental Burst, Planet Befall.

Zhongli amasses tons of HP to bolster his jade shield, which is why he is arguably the best shield in the game and one of its most wanted characters.

However, having higher HP also increases Zhongli’s DMG production, which helps him be a more versatile member of your party.

Which comp team benefits the most?

If you happen to have Hu Tao, Yelan, Xingqiu and the CEO of Geo, then you are in luck, as the new Hydro Resonance bonus allows you to manage one of the strongest teams in the game.

All four characters in that composition scale HP, so having them all in a group and activating the new Hydro Resonance makes them all stronger.

Hu Tao, Yelan and Zhongli deal more damage, Zhongli’s shield is also stronger, while Xingqiu heals more in case you need it.

It’s safe to say that with the release of non-healing, DPS-oriented Hydro characters and other Hydro characters in the future like Nilou, HoYoverse has finally decided to give this underrated element the love it deserves.

It also gives more shine to HP scaling, which is one of the best attributes a character can scale in game.

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