The many portraits of the queen

The many portraits of the queen

The many portraits of the queen

The historical reign of the queen on the throne has long created a compelling story, which has resulted in a variety of on-screen depictions of the monarch.

From Dame Helen Mirren to Claire Foy, here’s a look at some of the actors who played the role.

– Dame Helen Mirren: The Queen and the audience

Peter Morgan's audience

Dame Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth for Peter Morgan’s play The Audience (Johan Persson / PA)

The Academy Award-winning British actress played the Queen on the big screen and on stage.

She first took on the role for 2006’s The Queen, which centered on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and whether the monarch would return to London from Balmoral to pay homage amid mounting public pressure.

Dame Helen, who won an Oscar and a Bafta for her performance, previously revealed that she had sent a letter to the Queen while filming the film, quickly realizing that she was facing a delicate moment in her life.

After the release of the film, which was written by Peter Morgan, she was invited to dinner with the real monarch but was unable to attend because she was shooting in the United States.

The Hollywood star also portrayed the queen for 2013’s West End play The Audience, which focused on the weekly meetings between the monarch and her prime ministers.

Dame Helen won an Oliver Award for her performance and a Tony Award when she reprized the role for the Broadway version in 2015.

– Claire Foy: The crown

Matt Smith and Claire Foy in The Crown (Alex Bailey / Netflix)

Matt Smith and Claire Foy in The Crown (Alex Bailey / Netflix)

British actress Foy was the first to play the queen in the popular Netflix series The Crown, which also stars Morgan as the lead writer.

He debuted the role in 2016 for the show’s first season and reprized it for the second with Matt Smith playing the late Prince Philip.

Foy has received a number of awards for his performance, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe, as well as two Bafta nominations.

– Olivia Colman: The crown

(Des Willie / Netflix / PA)

(Des Willie / Netflix / PA)

Colman took over the role for the third and fourth seasons of the royal period drama series.

She was also awarded an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the middle-aged years of the queen’s life.

– Imelda Staunton: The crown

(Alex Bailey / Netflix / PA)

(Alex Bailey / Netflix / PA)

Staunton was the third actress in the cast to play the queen in the lavish TV series.

The actress will play the monarch who reigns in the 21st century in the upcoming fifth series, which is expected to return to screens in November.

The Crown was supposed to end after its fifth series, but Morgan later said it would be extended to include a sixth series.

– Dame Emma Thompson: Playhouse presents

Walking with dogs on Sky Arts

Dame Emma Thompson who plays the Queen (Justin Downing / Sky Arts / PA)

Dame Emma played the queen in an episode of Playhouse Presents, which dramatized an incident in 1982 when an intruder broke into the monarch’s bedroom.

The episode, titled Walking The Dogs, told the story of how the intruder broke in as a Buckingham Palace guard who frequented his room took his dogs for a walk.

– Stella Gonet: Spencer

Stella Gonet in Spencer (Neon / Alamy / PA)

Stella Gonet in Spencer (Neon / Alamy / PA)

Scottish actress Gonet accepted the challenge of playing the queen for the 2021 film Spencer.

Unlike a number of other films and television series, Spencer is set over the course of just three days and follows Diana, Princess of Wales during Christmas 1991 at Queen’s Sandringham Estate.

– Freya Wilson: The King’s Speech

L'Oreal National Movie Awards - Press Room - London

Ramona Marquez (left) and Freya Wilson of The King’s Speech (Sean Dempsey / PA)

The British actress played a young Princess Elizabeth in the 2010 historical film that tells the story of the future King George VI, the Queen’s late father, who works to overcome a stutter by seeing a speech therapist.

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