The best ceramide based skin care for a supple and smooth complexion

The best ceramide based skin care for a supple and smooth complexion

The best ceramide based skin care for a supple and smooth complexion



In a beauty landscape where the list of bright new ingredients seems to get longer every day, there are a handful that skincare experts – and savvy buyers – will always back up thanks to their long-standing and proven credentials.

Alongside notable ones such as retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are the ceramides. Naturally found in the skin, these lipids or fats are usefully described as the mortar that holds skin cells (the building blocks) together to form a protective layer, helping to keep irritants out and retain moisture.

But just as with other components of the skin that keep it firm and supple, ceramides wear off with age. “Ceramides make up about 50% of the skin’s surface,” explains Dr Vicky Dondos, co-founder of Medicetics Aesthetic Clinic in central London. “As that level decreases with age, our skin barrier function decreases so that it becomes less plump and supple as well as more sensitive. Low levels of ceramides are also seen in skin conditions associated with inflammation such as eczema, psoriasis and acne “.

A recent study by the Boots scientists also found signs of significant depletion of ceramides that lock moisture in the epidermis (or outer layer) of postmenopausal skin, making it drier and more susceptible to irritation as the skin barrier is disrupted.

Thankfully, applying ceramide-rich skin care products offers a great topical antidote. “Replacing lost ceramides with creams and serums increases hydration and soothes the skin,” says Dr. Dondos. “Every skin type will benefit, but applying formulas with ceramides will have a more significant impact on those with dry, rough or irritated skin. And while it may seem counterintuitive since ceramides are oily, they are often a great help too. with acne. Eventually, the complexion will be fuller and appear more radiant, as well as being less prone to redness and rashes “.

From serums and eye treatments to masks and cleansers, ceramides are an easy and useful addition to any skincare regimen, improving the health and appearance of your complexion – no new miracle ingredients are needed.

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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing night serum

Pioneers of the single-serving capsule packaged in ceramide over 30 years ago, this iconic range has grown to include variations where the main ingredient is paired with other skincare heroes such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. But it’s combining ceramides. and retinol for a nocturnal anti-aging solution that is a particularly winning combination.

Since the smoothing and texture-enhancing properties of retinol can have a dehydrating effect on the skin, ceramides offer the perfect counterweight to retain moisture and prevent dehydration. The added oils, including avocado and olive, infuse the complexion with extra hydration, while the peptides also improve skin elasticity.

Price for 30 capsules.

Buy Now £ 47.00, Elizabeth Arden

Questions and answers Ceramide barrier defense balm Face cream

Complexions prone to being flaky and dry or red and angry will drink this delicious cream as it helps restore a compromised protective barrier. This is thanks to the ceramides that reduce inflammation while flooding the skin with hydration for a calm and meaty result.

Suitable for all skin types and offers smoothing and brightening benefits thanks to pineapple extract rich in AHA and vitamin C, has the richness of a balm but sinks with the speed of something much lighter, leaving behind a finish thin, soft and nourished. And as with the full range of questions and answers, the pricing is great for the perks on offer, so there’s a lot of money for your money.

Buy now £ 12.00, FeelUnique

CeraVe Moisturizing Cleansing Bar

Everyone is wise for the affordable CeraVe line of liquid cleansers and for the face, but this new solid cleanser bar shouldn’t be overlooked. Contains three different types of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and the label’s exclusive moisturizer to keep the complexion hydrated while washing. It is also pH balanced, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. The really smart part, however, is the special technology that allows those nourishing ingredients to continue providing benefits to the skin all day long. So while dry complexions and soaps usually have a difficult relationship, the creamy foam version of CeraVe turns that idea upside down.

Buy Now £ 8.00, Boots

Drunk Elephant Ceramighty AF Eye Balm

While many eye treatments that aim to soften wrinkles take time to penetrate before applying makeup for fear of it migrating around your face (who has time for that in the morning?), This balm is deeply moisturizing without greasiness.

Because the ceramides in the formula strengthen the skin barrier to help fight the signs of fatigue and dryness, rich oils and butters nourish and plump wrinkles. There is enough slip in the texture – it’s ceramides again – to gently roll your eyes with your ring finger around the orbital bone to help drain the swelling before it absorbs quickly to leave a smooth, concealer-ready canvas. and mascara. The twist-up pump dispenser is also quite elegant.

Buy Now £ 52.00, Space NK

No7 Advanced Ceramide Ingredients and Peptides

These single-serving capsules are packed with what No7 calls its “energy duo” of ceramides and peptides, proven in the brand’s scientific tests to reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles, make skin smoother and increase elasticity. Both naturally present in the skin, but produced less with age, are essential for a healthy and resilient complexion.

This skincare version is formulated to be applied under any serum and moisturizer, so think of it as a booster for a firmer face. It has a rich and creamy texture that instantly makes the skin silky to the touch, while the capsules are easy to open, can be used morning and evening and provide ample amount to cover up to the neck and chest.

Price for 30 capsules.

Buy Now £ 19.95, Boots

Farmacy Honey Potion Plus Moisturizing mask with ceramide

Sweet smelling and oily texture of honey, this is an updated version of Farmacy’s original hero mask, reformulated with extra strengthening and restorative ingredients including ceramides.

Spread on the skin and massage for a couple of minutes until the gel turns into a rich white paste and begins to warm up gently. Rinsed 10 to 15 minutes later, the skin is soft and supple thanks to the recycled apple extract, while the addition of niacinamide ensures a brighter and more uniform appearance. The ceramides meanwhile work with panthenol to strengthen the skin barrier and retain all the plumping hydration on the skin.

Buy Now £ 36.00, FeelUnique

Sculpted by Aimee HydraGlo Moisturizing Serum

Created by makeup artist Aimee Connolly to help achieve a flawless, meaty canvas that allows your foundation, concealer and blush to glide on, this refreshing serum-gel is a brilliant hybrid of skincare primers.

Protective and strengthening ceramides block moisturizing and nourishing ingredients including hyaluronic acid and shea butter, as niacinamide improves skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores. Apply before your moisturizer for a muted and juicy effect that makes the complexion radiant and helps prevent makeup from hardening and building for hours. You can also refill and recycle the packaging.

Buy Now £ 27.00, Boots

Avant Skincare SPF 50 multi-defense ceramide protective veil

Modern smart sunscreens for everyday use (because harmful and aging UV rays never take a day off) take a skincare-based approach, making them a world away from the kind you would wear to the beach. This is a perfect example: a light cream that dries quickly with a matte finish and is packed with ingredients that improve the complexion.

Ceramides combine with SPF50 mineral filters to create a beautiful protective veil that strengthens the skin barrier to ward off environmental aggressors from pollution in the sun. White tea adds an extra layer of defense against free radicals, jojoba helps soften and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Buy Now £ 75.00, Avant Skincare

Olivanna Intense Repairing Night Cream

For a cream that packs such a restorative punch, this night treatment has an exceptionally light texture. Any disruption of the skin’s natural barrier achieves a double restorative effect from an infusion of ceramides along with omega-rich seed oils. In addition, this duo also floods the complexion with revitalizing nourishment.

Moisturizing hyaluronic acid and squalane ensure that hydration levels are kept elevated and an organic cotton thistle extract, known for its collagen-boosting properties, enhances anti-aging benefits, including wrinkle and fight the subsidence. You will also find that the delicate scent is beautifully enveloping your evening routine.

Buy Now £ 68.00, Olivanna

Scientia Beauty Ceramide Skin Rescue Moisturizing barrier balm

A great choice for soothing sore and sore complexions, this cream-gel offers an instant yet lasting cooling effect as soon as it hits the skin. The formula is packed with five different types of ceramides to bring you closer to barrier repair in multiple ways with the goal of neutralizing inflammation and bringing skin back into line.

Fatty acids, lipids, and hyaluronic acid also increase the moisture content, while melon, aloe and jojoba help skin look smooth and dewy. Use as a targeted treatment when skin is out of shape or apply a thin layer daily to stressed complexions to restore balance.

Buy Now £ 28.00, Scientia Beauty


Sometimes you can’t beat the OG. Capsules of Ceramide Elizabeth Arden are cult classics for a reason and extending the line to twin ceramides with other proven and trusted skin-enhancing ingredients is pretty genius.

Easy to open, the biodegradable capsules provide the perfect amount for your face, neck and décolleté, plus they’re ideal for travel as you can only carry as many as you need to save space. The ceramide-rich texture seems to wrap the skin in a satin and the plumping and smoothing results are impressive. An all-round winner that stimulates young people in single shot form.

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