Ted Baker’s 2022 advent calendar has fallen

Ted Baker’s 2022 advent calendar has fallen

Ted Baker’s 2022 advent calendar has fallen

Advent calendar by Ted Baker

Ted Baker’s hugely popular beauty advent calendar is back for 2022. (Boots / Yahoo Life UK)

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Last year’s Ted Baker advent calendar was a sold out hit when it first launched in Boots, so it doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict that the same will happen again with the 2022 calendar just launched.

This gorgeous limited-edition calendar is packed with scrumptious baths and must-have beauty products, plus some handy tools that will help you (or whoever you gift it) to feel and look great from head to toe.

It’s just £ 45, which is a steal, considering most of Liberty, Fortnum & Mason and Space NK’s 2022 beauty advent calendars cost over £ 200.

That’s why Ted Baker’s 2022 Advent Calendar is a must-have Christmas must-have that you should definitely steal now.

Why we value it

There are 24 products waiting to be revealed behind each door, ranging in size from mini to 200ml.

Unlike most things at the moment, the price tag for Ted Baker’s 2022 Advent Calendar has remained the same as last year: a reasonable £ 45. That’s around £ 1.88 per product, which is a good deal.

There is everything a person might need to take care of themselves such as a candle, fabric masks, an exfoliating glove, and indulgent bath products. It also includes products to create a “go out” look (think rose gold glitter eyeshadow and red nail polish) or a more subtle Christmas day vibe (soft pink lipstick and matte peach eyeshadow).

And there are loads of useful tools ranging from eyelash curlers to an eyeshadow brush and even a glass nail file.

We can understand why last year caused a serious buying rush among Boots buyers and there is no doubt that it will provoke the same reaction this year.

The limited edition advent calendar flew off the shelves last year.  (Boots)

The limited edition advent calendar flew off the shelves last year. (Boots)

£ 45 to Boots

What is included

Spoiler Alert: If you’re buying Ted Baker’s 2022 Advent Calendar for yourself, you may not want to spoil the surprise. But here’s the list of wonderful beauty products waiting to be unveiled throughout December …

  • Body soufflé with violet and bergamot 50ml

  • Eau de toilette pink and cassis 10ml

  • Violet and bergamot body spray 50ml

  • Body wash with violet and bergamot 200 ml

  • Violet and bergamot moisturizing mask under the eyes 5.5 g

  • Body cream with raspberry and orange blossom 50ml

  • Raspberry and Orange Blossom Moisturizing Tissue Mask 26g

  • Bath and shower oil with raspberry and orange blossom 50 ml

  • Exfoliating bath glove

  • Purple and bergamot mini-candle 50g

  • Raspberry and orange blossom body wash 50ml

  • Mini soft pink lip gloss 6ml

  • Hand cream with violet and bergamot 50ml

  • Make-up remover disc

  • Mini eyeshadow palette

  • Red nail polish 8ml

  • Cosmetic headband

  • 8ml cuticle oil

  • Eyelash curler

  • Violet and bergamot soap 80g

  • Double-ended eyeshadow brush

  • Tweezers

  • Soft pink lipstick

  • Glass nail file

£ 45 to Boots

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