Support for workers on strike declared by 600 Labor councilors

Support for workers on strike declared by 600 Labor councilors

Support for workers on strike declared by 600 Labor councilors

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More than 600 Labor advisers have declared their full support for all railway, postal, port and other workers on the picket lines, as the party comes under constant pressure due to its stance on strikes.

Amid a wave of wage strikes and mounting talk of coordinated trade union action this fall, councilors signed an open letter claiming to offer “full solidarity and support” to the rail, maritime and transport workers union ( RMT), the communications workers union (CWU), Unite and others.

The latest workers to strike are CWU post office workers who have turned down a 5.5% pay rise in exchange for changes to their terms, while the RMT is planning another round of rail strikes in the fall. There are also 1,900 Unite member dock workers in Felixstowe, the country’s largest port, with an eight-day layover.

However, the issue of strikes is controversial for Labor. Keir Starmer, the party leader, expressed sympathy for the striking workers’ goals, but the party’s whips asked frontbenchers not to appear on the picket lines. The party also stresses the need for negotiated solutions, with Starmer saying he “fully understands” why the workers are striking, but adding that his party would make sure the talks are conducted properly.

Starmer’s dubious stance on strikes has annoyed Labor union financiers. Sharon Graham, the Secretary General of Unite, told the Observer earlier this month: “There is no point in giving money to a party that basically puts two fingers on the workers. It’s almost like an abusive relationship ”.

Ahead of the trade union congress in September, senior union officials have started talking more about scheduling strikes for the same time for maximum impact or staggering them for effect.

Earlier this week, RMT Secretary General Mick Lynch said: “We need a summer of solidarity and a spring of solidarity if next year is to pass. The CWU, Unite, GMB, RMT and others, we must invite the whole movement … to join in this action, motivate members and call them to the flag and vote yes for a wave of trade union action across the UK and to international level, if that’s what it takes, because we need to restore balance in society.

“And don’t be dictated by people from Eton and Harrow, who tell us we have to give up our salary and our place. We will not have it. “

The joint letter was organized by councilors Aneesa Akbar, of Hull, Jumbo Chan, of Brent, and Matt White, of Haringey, all active in the trade union movement.

In it, the councilors said they were “proud to witness this emerging renaissance of trade unionism and we offer RMT, CWU, Unite and many other unions acting our full solidarity and support, on the picket line and elsewhere”.

They criticized the “obscene” situation in which millions of people in Britain were struggling to make ends meet and workers were told a “tsunami of lies” to keep workers in their place, while there were more billionaires than ever before. and the profits and dividend payments of the largest British companies have soared.

Councilors said the unions’ actions were a “welcome, major rejection of this sad nonsense.”

“We urge all ordinary workers to take control of their fates and join a union today,” they said.

Starmer was told to “take a backbone” and send a “strong message” that Labor has been supporting the striking workers from Graham of Unite.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House program “you cannot defend the workers by keeping quiet” and that neither Labor nor Conservatives were aware of “how bad it is for the people out there.”

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