Royal Mail workers will stage new pay strikes

Royal Mail workers will stage new pay strikes

Royal Mail workers will stage new pay strikes

On Thursday, Royal Mail workers will launch a new 48-hour strike in a pay dispute, which threatens to disrupt deliveries.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said 115,000 of its members will leave in protest against a “forced” 2% salary increase.

The pickets will be set up outside the delivery and sorting offices, following last week’s strikes, and there is the prospect of further union action if the stalemate is not overcome.

The union said its members face a “dramatic” reduction in living standards due to the surge in inflation.

CWU Secretary General Dave Ward said, “There is no doubt that postal workers are completely united in their determination to secure the decent and adequate raise they deserve.

“We cannot continue to live in a country where bosses make billions in profits while their employees are forced to use food banks.

“When the heads of the Royal Mail take in 758 million pounds in profit and the shareholders pocket over 400 million pounds, our members will not accept the allegations of poverty from the company.

“Post office workers will not meekly accept that their standard of living is hammered by greedy business leaders who are completely out of touch with modern Britain.

“They are fed up with the business failure that is rewarded again and again.

“The Royal Mail leadership has lost the locker room and unless they make efforts to become real by discussing a pay raise that post office workers deserve, serious disruptions will continue.”

CWU Deputy Secretary General Terry Pullinger said, “Our members worked wonders during the pandemic and they know very well what they are worth.

“They are fighting for an unconstrained pay rise in real terms, something to which they are fully entitled.

“Our members deserve a pay raise that rewards their fantastic achievements in keeping the country connected during the pandemic, but also helps them keep up during this current economic crisis.

“We won’t back down until we get just that.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “We apologize for the impact the CWU industrial action is having on our customers. We are doing everything possible to minimize any delays and keep people, companies and country in contact.

“This week, after many invitations, the CWU finally agreed to the Royal Mail’s request to meet at the highest level to decide how to proceed on the labor dispute.

“Instead of committing to the need for change, the CWU reiterated its demands to maintain current outdated work practices, which include working fewer hours for higher pay.

“We are very concerned that the CWU is simply not interested in discussing the change needed to modernize this business and protect well-paid long-term jobs.

“The CWU refused our request to cancel the strike this Thursday and Friday. The CWU approach is putting us on a dangerous path.

“Royal Mail is losing £ 1 million a day and the strike has weakened our financial position. Further hits will make it even weaker. Without a significant commitment to the change needed by the CWU, the company’s position will deteriorate and put jobs at risk.

“We remain ready to speak with the CWU to try to avoid harmful trade union action and prevent further inconvenience to customers, but any dialogue must be about both change and pay. Change is the way to higher pay. “

The CWU described the strikes as the largest of the summer, which also saw industrial action by railroad workers, Openreach engineers, BT call center staff, garbage collectors and lawyers.

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