Please stop shaming people for wearing the clothes on Instagram again

Please stop shaming people for wearing the clothes on Instagram again

Please stop shaming people for wearing the clothes on Instagram again

(Photo: martin-dm via Getty Images)

(Photo: martin-dm via Getty Images)

(Photo: martin-dm via Getty Images)

How many times do you wear your clothes again? In the fast fashion world we live in, repeating outfits isn’t something everyone is used to. Especially with the rise of social media, some of us don’t want to get caught wearing something we’ve already posted on Instagram.

Now, new research has found that 32% of Brits say the more likes they get on a social post, the less likely they are to be photographed in that dress again.

The survey of Brits aged 16 to 35, conducted by the fabric enhancer brand Comfort, also found that a third of us are less likely to “like” a post if we’ve seen the person before. who wore the dress.

But in the context of the rising cost of living – not to mention the climate emergency – isn’t it time to consume as much of our clothes as possible? Especially since a whopping 65% of us fail to wear at least half of our wardrobes regularly.

Influencers could play a huge role in resetting the rules and it wouldn’t dent their popularity. Seven out of 10 respondents said they believe influencers set unrealistic expectations about wearing new clothes. And even though a quarter (24%) of people confess to negatively judging others for repeated clothing, overwhelmingly, people appreciate the efforts to re-coat and redesign clothing.

Nearly three out of four people agree that seeing people wearing a dress again is good, and four out of five (80%) like when people are able to renew clothing in different ways.

Additionally, two-thirds (64%) say they wouldn’t even be able to remember what someone was wearing the last time they saw them, on social media or in person.

So how can people redesign their clothes?

If you’ve been reluctant to put on your clothes again until now, there’s never been a better time to change your habits.

Comfort invites people to reclaim the power of social media “likes” by participating in #RestyleWednesdays and posting their repeat outfits online. The weekly apparel challenge is designed to help people build new and lasting habits of caring for and wearing their clothes again, instead of buying new ones.

Sustainable designer Lalla Bronshtein says that “when it comes to re-wearing clothes, changing your look by accessorizing with shoes and jewelry is the key.”

“With a dress, wear it with sandals during the day and switch to heels and trendy jewelry for an evening look,” she adds. “Don’t throw away your old jeans, cut them into trendy knee-length shorts.”

Bronshtein says that if you want to feel more confident when posting reworked clothes on social media, change the style of each piece you wear to create a different overall look.

“Adding a different bag, belt, scarf or accessory or introducing a new color can totally change the mood of an outfit,” she says. “Be proud and open to posting re-worn clothes, it’s no longer a fashion faux pas. Fast fashion is over: recycling, upcycling and restyling are the future “.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost UK and has been updated.


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