‘Osimhen?  There are Simeone and Raspadori.  Ndombelé ok in 4-3-3, never seen a Maradona like this VIDEO

‘Osimhen? There are Simeone and Raspadori. Ndombelé ok in 4-3-3, never seen a Maradona like this VIDEO

‘Osimhen?  There are Simeone and Raspadori.  Ndombelé ok in 4-3-3, never seen a Maradona like this VIDEO

The technician of the NaplesLuciano Spalletti presented tomorrow’s challenge in La Spezia:

Is it a gamble to define Napoli-Spezia with the same value as Napoli-Liverpool due to the difficulties with Lecce and the low-ranking teams? “No, he says the right thing. On the contrary, it shows us what the goal should be. We must not focus only on the name of the opponent to make ourselves beautiful, but win and score 3 points beyond the name of the opponent. Knowing how to win a race, albeit prestigious, means having done things well for 100 ‘because now they last 100 minutes, but to write important pages and have ambitions of fourth place, which is ambitious in our championship, it means doing things well along the way. makes the difference “.

Are you worried about Osimhen? Do you have in mind who will replace him? “I stick to the official note, sorry but it is something that can happen and put in the budget, we have equally strong elements to replace him. For his role Simeone or Raspadori … he will be one of them, to be more precise we have to wait for tomorrow . It works like this in close matches you have to take your time well, but they are both “.

Gotti will change something for the attack at the depth of Napoli. Is Simeone and Raspadori a possibility also together? “I respect him, I have known him well, as he prepares for matches, so the football he implements, we have already seen it, he has performed well everywhere. If you analyze the last few matches you can see that he is good at creating density on the I don’t know what he will organize, but we must know that what happened last year is something that will happen again if we are not perfect. perfect. They are 3 equally fundamental points, as when we play with a blazon team. We are ambitious and we need to go beyond the opportunism of a match with me in the spotlight “

Do you expect the same Napoli seen with Liverpool? “Yes, it sows a character for the course, the matches will tell us. We have always tried to think like this, even when we played with Barcelona, ​​losing by many goals, but that was the wrong attitude? say you too, when I propose something and it goes wrong, I am wrong, when I propose something that did not go well and that is fine, then you are wrong. same things, but after 3 ‘we conceded a goal on that badly taken corner. Against this replay the same? Are we going to get them high? Everyone will now say yes. . We built 2-3 goals balls by snatching the ball on their start of action. We have a clear path, then we have to see if we succeed because there are those who evade the pressure. “

Beyond men, is it possible to change the system? Ndombele in the 4-3-3 from the midfielder? “For those who have us, the hypothesis is to play 4-2-3-1 even if Zielinski or Elmas are in and play 4-3-3 even if Raspadori and Simeone are in, we go from there, Raspadori Being the attacking midfielder behind the striker, the one who starts as a midfielder and ends up behind the striker and attacks the defense together with Osimhen, does not change much. Ndombele has done both roles, you can ask him both. inside the group, he jokes and does everything the others do, accepts the decisions with pleasure, shows the quality of plays every so often, the holes because he often looks ahead and not very close “

How satisfied are you with Rrahmani-Kim’s progress? “I am satisfied, they have also reached the man against man at the end of the matches, then they do not limit themselves to the defensive phase but also try to immediately dare a verse at the beginning of the action, a help to the teammates to give the ball already clean and avoid in a duel to clean up the ball. It’s the solution to everything, if you play well from the start it gets easier for you on the other side.

On turnover. “You have to take it home, then other arguments will be made later. I don’t want to throw water and fire to hide something, the potential is many, I try to say that then it takes this character, this willingness to change the color of the shirts from the eyes. I had never seen it in years. It will be our attitude that will make the difference. Tomorrow is a perfect opportunity to achieve that we always want to be the same, it’s tomorrow. We talk about building consistency in performance, it’s tomorrow “.

With Liverpool you gave Zerbin half an hour who responded with personality, what satisfaction is that for you? Will it be an opportunity for Gaetano too? “Yes, even Gaetano is of that pasta there, they have the eyes of market operators on them, they asked for them but we decided to keep them and therefore we have our intentions. and motivate themselves after a game in which they have not played. The possibility is there, Zerbin left him immediately exploited, he did well when to enter intimidate, he has strength, run. comfortable, in moments when we have others available and will have to bite the brake, but he knows how to do it “.

He said in two years he has never seen a Maradona like this. What do you hear about tomorrow? The presale is proceeding very well. “I hope that the players know how to offer that new show they want to see, you always go from there. In these two years I dreamed that one day suddenly fell in love with them again, at the end of the game I saw it and I am confident for the future. Having the enthusiasm of the fans on you can be very useful for a young team. “

What can you tell us about the Champions League match? Scottish championship suspended, have you received any indications from UEFA? “Nothing, no communication, we stick to what we know and we go straight to get ready on Tuesday, otherwise we will modify, find but for now let’s put this into practice. The race to make us a great Napoli started in August and will end in May. , it will tell us what level we have been able to reach. It is not a single game that changes the future of your career, but it is what happens from game to game. game right path, but the great Napoli still have to see for many games “.

On the plays they prepare in training and seen on the field. “The goals are always the result of the quality of the plays, then at the end of the first half something was said and that something became visible again. scoring a goal, so if you put some sudden ball back there, it’s part of Anguissa’s characteristics and he put it and Simeone didn’t go over. Those are the moments, put the ball in and don’t cross the line. “

On Simeone’s emotion that struck everyone. Reconcile with football? And how are you? “Having created a team like this is for these intentions, which can be there wanting to express himself, have fun, it is good for football, for us, but also for him and knowing that based on his attitude and serving his can and dreams to all team. I’m fine, thanks. “

Strong desire to fly on the wings of enthusiasm, confirming Lobotka, Anguissa or Zielinski? And what does he tell us about the growth of the Pole? “D spends a lot there, they manage 70% of game situations in both phases. They have been very good both in terms of ball recovery and dribbling quality, I have never had big doubts about Zielinski. He is a player who is recognizable for his qualities. that has, what we said in retreat did him well, carve out 10 meters of playing space lower down, but attacking more the line is still often there, so it changes little, even if it is something that he imagines and is Anyway with his back turned. Having more range of action gives him benefits, last year he also did well as a midfielder because he has a long run. Penalty taker? emotional state, so it’s easier. The second one? Osimhen wanted to beat him, he was calm, it was difficult to go and get it, he was convinced and he is one who has pulled them differently in the past. Raspadori and Simeone beat them both very well “.

Is there also a space for Sirigu in the rotations even though Meret is doing well? “First of all we like to deal with someone like him, he is someone with top character for a locker room, as well as being a top goalkeeper. He wakes up everyone in front of him. It would not be difficult to use his, but so far you have me said I was confusing having had to, now let’s leave Alex alone, otherwise he says it’s not true now that I’m the owner (laughs, ed) “

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