now Gasp believes it.  Monza, black crisis

now Gasp believes it. Monza, black crisis

now Gasp believes it.  Monza, black crisis

Rasmus Hojlundclass2003, Danish, ex Sturm Graz, the first as owner in di Zapata and Muriel, gave Atalanta the goal, the victory (later enriched by another goal) and the lonely first place in the standings after 5 days, as had never happened to the people of Bergamo in all its history. Another record: never before, 13 points in the first 5 championship races. Not a shadow of the success of Atalanta in Monza. The Nerazzurri missed the first half, but exalted themselves in the second, annihilating Monza and leaving it at the bottom of the standings at 0 points. In that shot, Gasp’s team incinerated their opponents, they just wiped them off the field. And now I believe it: of the big is the only one not to play the cups, can invest every energy and every resource on the championship. The team is doing well and his coach is even better: as we will tell, it was his move (Soppy inside at the beginning of the second half) that changed the sense of the race and turn it in your favor.

START OF MONZA – In the first 45 ‘all the difference shown by the ranking was not seen, on the contrary. In the first 4 minutes, Monza created the two best chances of the first halfboth with Caprithe first closed with a “placed”, but weak, by the former Veronese at the edge of the small area (error by Toloi who let Dany Mota blow the ball) rejected by Musso, the second with a violent left from the edge of large area also deflected by Musso.

LITTLE ATALANTA – In those first 45 at Atalanta almost everything happened. Just to start the push on the side lanes. Gasperini had deployed the defense at 4 but Hateboeron the right, he has never been seen offensive while Zappacosta on the left (well controlled by the former Pisan Birindelliwho will then go into great difficulty against Soppy) he started an interval only shortly before the interval. Then the quality of the large battery of attacking midfielders / winger was lacking: the contribution of almost zero Edersonmoved after half an hour from the center to the left, that of Malinovskyijust a hint of Lookman. As for the young Hojlund, he never saw the ball also because they never gave it to him. He will have time and way to make up for it, and how, in the second half, like all the rest of the leaders’ attack.

ITALIAN MONZA – In the midfield of Monza he made his Italian debut Rovella and for Stroppa it was a relief for at least 45 ‘. The former Juventus player wasted no time and, in the midst of Pessina and Sensi, took over the maneuver without being influenced by Ederson’s tender marking (he will decrease his level in the second half when he faces Malinovskyi). After the two initial flare-ups, Monza also lost pace and speed, but were better in the game than Atalanta. He closed well in defense with Caldirolese and tried to put the Bergamo defense in difficulty with Caprari and Mota.

ONLY ATALANTA – At the beginning of the second half, a single intervention with a triple move by Gasperini was enough to change the meaning of the game and move it decisively in favor of his team. (1) Inside Soppy as left-back in place of Zappacosta. (2) Soppy behind Lookman left to open the corridor. (3) Ederson moved to the right. Was like turning the key in the dashboard and starting the engine. Atalanta left and Monza disappeared. To give an idea of ​​the reversal of this match it is enough to say that in the first half the shots were 6-3 for the Brianza, in the second half 11-2 for the Bergamo players. After 4 ‘the nineteen year old Hojlund hit the outside post (with a deviation from Pablo Mari), after another 60 seconds Ederson kicked on the outside of the net, in the 11’ save by Di Gregorio on Koopmeiners, in the 13 ‘the goal of the’ 1 -0. Left throw (obvious …) to the left by Malinovskyi for Soppy who broke through again on his wing, ball for Lookman, cross on the grass, Hojlund burned everyone and entered the net with the whole ball. Male Marlon (too far from Lookman) and male Pablo Mari and Caldirola who let the Danesin slip in the middle. When we say ball possession: three passes and goals.

THE FINAL SHOT – Monza suffered the blow and 7 ‘later took the second: from exterior to exterior, according to Gasperini’s consolidated scheme, from Ederson to Lookman, from right to left, ball thrown back into the net by Marlon’s desperate attempt, otherwise he would have entered the same. In that case: first error due to a wrong and superficial heel strike by Mota in mid-field, second error by Caldirola too wide on Ederson, third error by the rest of the defense. Stroppa tried with Petagna, but Monza was off, he no longer played, he no longer attacked, he no longer believed in it.. Last in the standings, zero points after 5 games, the crisis is getting worse.

Monza-Atalanta: 0-2

Markers: 12 ‘st Hojlund (A), 20’ st Marlon own goal (M)

Assist: 12 ‘st Lookman

Monza (3-5-2): Di Gregorio; Marlon, Mari, Caldirola (41 ‘st Izzo); Birindelli (30 ‘st Molina), Pessina, Rovella, Sensi (30’ st Colpani), Carlos; Mota (41 ‘st Gytkjaer), Caprari (24’ st Petagna). All. Stroppa.

Atalanta (4-2-3-1): Musso; Hateboer, Toloi, Demiral, Zappacosta (from 1st Soppy); De Roon, Koopmeiners; Lookman (from 43 ‘st Boga), Ederson (30’ st Maehle), Malinovskyi (26 ‘st Scalvini); Hojlund (26 ‘st Pasalic). All. Gasperini.

Ammonites: Rovella (M), Scalvini (A)

Referee: Juan Luca Sacchi (of the Macerata Section)

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