Natalia Dyer on Nancy’s fashion sense, how her style had changed and Fashion Week – WWD

Natalia Dyer on Nancy’s fashion sense, how her style had changed and Fashion Week – WWD

Natalia Dyer on Nancy’s fashion sense, how her style had changed and Fashion Week – WWD

Atop Hotel 50 Bowery, “Stranger Things” actress Natalia Dyer was the guest of honor at Longchamp’s NYFW party, where the brand celebrated its “Les Filles” campaign and the launch of its new Box-Trot bag Wednesday evening.

The party was held at The Crown rooftop bar, where influencers and guests were treated to ice cream, embossing, photo shoots and more. Dyer sported the Longchamp bag on her body, with a pair of shiny black heeled boots from the brand to coordinate.

“I went to their show here in 2018 and I loved it, I loved the brand, I loved their ethics,” Dyer said. “They are French, the integrity of their clothes, the quality: it’s classic and fun at the same time, and that really impressed me. It is all very comfortable. I keep talking about these boots: they are fantastic and they are very comfortable, and this is so important ”.

The Longchamp event was the first stop on the fashion tour for Dyer, who is a frequent face at both New York Fashion Week and European runways. She said she plans to attend the Fendi show on Friday night in New York before rest for Europe.

“That’s the problem with fashion week: there’s more than a week,” she said. “It’s fashion month, really.”

The comfort of her Longchamp boots wasn’t a one-time benefit for Dyer: she’s a “comfort is king” type of fashionista.

“In my life I gravitate towards neutrals and comfort is very important to me. I appreciate the classic, I appreciate the androgyny but also the fun. I think you can lean on different things, ”she said. “I like a lot of vintage clothes, I like it when something looks done with care, good materials and good intentions. You can feel it with clothes and even when it’s not there it’s obvious. Things that are not fast fashion or trendy, but things that are fundamental, that you will wear again and again. For me, that’s where I really like to be ”.

Playing Nancy on the 80s set “Stranger Things” made her appreciate vintage even more.

“They work with a lot of real vintage clothes, so just try on those dresses, the pants, the cuts and the details of it all. I was definitely inspired to go to Etsy and go to the setups for “Stranger Things” saying, “I’ve never seen this before, let me google it or maybe they’ll let me keep it,” “she said.” It sure bleeds – Nancy it’s a little more feminine in everything than I tend to dress, but it’s fun, it’s fun to slip into. “

The best thing she wore on the show? “Nancy has this pair of pants that they actually built for me, they were built on this 80’s pants structure and they made multiple of them but it’s this raw, tailored, high waisted, bootcut, color perfect denim, these perfect jeans that I can’t get over, “she said.” Every season tends to be a dress that says to me, ‘yeah, I’d totally wear it.’ Usually with pants, when Nancy wears pants I say “yes”.

Paul Lorraine, CEO and president of Longchamp North America, whose 11-year-old daughter was beside herself when Dyer was seen, said the actress was a natural fit for the brand.

“Longchamp is a rather humble brand and the fact that Natalia was here in 2018 at our fashion show is a very authentic partnership,” she said.

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