Morphe 2 x Maddie Ziegler Changement Makeup Collection: Details – WWD

Morphe 2 x Maddie Ziegler Changement Makeup Collection: Details – WWD

Morphe 2 x Maddie Ziegler Changement Makeup Collection: Details – WWD

Maddie Ziegler is increasing her presence in the beauty industry with her latest collaboration.

The actress and dancer is collaborating with Morphe 2 on a new nine-piece makeup collection called Changement, which is a French ballet term meaning “change” and is inspired by Ziegler’s evolution throughout his life and career.

“It really played with my evolution as a person and that’s why I ended up calling the eyeshadow palette ‘Changement’ because it’s a play on my dance background and it’s a French dance ballet term meaning ‘change’. ” she said. “I raced with that and I was like it was so interesting because I’m changing and growing.”

Ziegler also looked to the climate as inspiration for the collection, designing all product packaging in the same pastel blue hue to represent the sky.

The nine-piece collection includes products such as a 16 palette eyeshadow palette with matte and shimmer shades; a gel eyeliner available in teal, purple and gold; an eyebrow pen available in four shades and a four-piece makeup brush collection that comes with makeup clips and a makeup bag. The products are priced between $ 6 and $ 25 and will be available on the Morphe website and stores on September 1st.

Morphe 2 x Maddie Ziegler Changement Makeup Collection.

“The eyeshadow palette is definitely my favorite, but I also really enjoyed making eyeliners because they are so rich and creamy,” explained Ziegler. “I chose three shades that were already based on eyeshadow, so you can create a monochromatic eyeshadow and a liner look, which I think will look so good on so many different skin tones.”

Ziegler’s makeup collection is the second time she has worked with Morphe, which is the sister brand of Morphe 2. The actress already teamed up with Morphe in 2020 for another makeup collection.

Morphe, which is owned by Forma Brands, launched Morphe 2 in 2020 as a Gen Z-oriented sub-brand with more affordable options and multipurpose products. The line launched with TikTok influencers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio as faces of the brand.

Ziegler’s Morphe 2 collection is just his latest adventure in the beauty space. In addition to her first Morphe collection, Ziegler was the face of Kate Spade New York’s fragrance of the same name in 2020. Earlier this year, Ziegler made a foray into the fashion industry, partnering with Fabletics for a collection athleisure of extraterrestrial inspiration.

Ziegler has been in the spotlight since she was eight, making her debut on Lifetime’s hit reality TV show, “Dance Moms.” She later rose to fame after dancing in a series of music videos for musician Sia. She has since moved into an acting career, starring in films such as “West Side Story”, “The Fallout” and “The Book of Henry”.

The actress explained that her recent acting projects have impacted her beauty routine.

“It’s also funny because the other day I was saying that when I was younger I wore a lot more makeup than I do now because of the competitions and all those things,” he explained. “Now, being on set and having really long days and having to wear makeup all day, I really like my makeup routine now. If I put my makeup on, it’s that simple. Like I’m barely wearing any makeup, which is kind of fun for me because when I do my makeup I always want to create something super fun and bold, so there’s no middle ground for me. Either I have a fresh face or I want to make a crazy eye.

Ziegler, 19, also explained that she aims to do more in the beauty industry, with the aim of launching her own beauty brand.

“My dream is to have my own makeup line someday,” she said. “Personally I think the space for makeup – like celebrity makeup lines – is just too saturated, so I’m taking my time and I’m in no rush. I could do it when I’m 30 or something, but it’s something I know is going to happen at some point in my career.

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