Magic returns to its original plan with Dominaria United

Magic returns to its original plan with Dominaria United

Magic returns to its original plan with Dominaria United

Key visual of the silver golem Karn and his planeswalker allies from Dominaria United

Let’s hope Karn doesn’t ruin Dominaria’s plane (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

Almost 30 years later Magic: The Gathering first appeared and started making waves, players are once again back on the plane of Dominaria, where it all started.

Players who have played long enough will once again relive the threats of the (new) Phyrexians as Dominaria defends itself against Praetor Sheoldred and other Phyrexian forces, with the September 9 release of the latest Standard set. Dominica United.

The release also coincides with the launch of Magic: The Gathering’s 30th anniversary.

New mechanics

Containing 281 cards, the set features three new mechanics: Enlist, Read ahead And stun counters.

When a player attacks with a creature with the new keyword Enlistthe player can choose to tap another untapped (and non-attacking) creature.

When that happens, the attacking creature with Enlist gains + X / + 0 until end of turn, where X is the creature’s other tapped but non-attacking force.

Dominariu United's Guardian of New Benalia card on a flat surface.

Remember it’s + X / + 0, not + X / + X (Photo: Yahoo Gaming SEA)

Most importantly, the tapped non-attacking creature cannot have summon sickness.

This new mechanic is a good way to get creatures enchanted by Aura cards like Sigarda’s Prison to have another use during the combat phase.

Annoying spell

Annoying spell but luckily it costs 3 to cast

The next mechanic Read ahead it only applies to the Saga spell. Read ahead allows a player to choose the chapter of the Saga as he enters the battlefield.

Read ahead

This card is much better after the activation of the first chapter

For a typical Saga spell card, the Saga enters the battlefield with a lore token, triggering the first chapter. The second chapter only activates in the player’s next pre-combat main phase when the player places another lore token on the Saga.

This process will repeat until the final chapter is activated. Read ahead however, it means that a Saga can now enter the battlefield with any number of know counters about it.

The amount of lore counters will correspond to the chapter (i.e. enter with two lore counters and activate the second chapter) but any previously lost Saga chapters will not be activated again.

For example, if a player casts The Cruelty of Gix and chooses to put two lore counters, the player can guardian any card in his or her library by giving up the first chapter to look at the opponent’s hand.

During the player’s next pre-combat main phase, the player can then add another lore token, activate the final chapter, and subsequently revive a creature on the battlefield.

Stun counter

The stun counter makes an appearance

Last, stun counters will debut in Dominica United. Stun counters they will primarily affect creatures as they affect a permanent’s untap ability.

A permanent with a stunning counter it doesn’t untap when it gets the chance (for example, during the untap phase or any other effect that causes the permanent to untap).

Instead, the stunning counter is removed. This means that the permanent can’t untap until the next opportunity presents itself (usually in the player’s next untap phase).

This effect is especially terrible on creatures, as tapped creatures can’t attack or block.

In addition to the three brand new mechanics, Domain And kicker they are also set up to make a return.

First introduced in Invasion a long time ago, cards with Domain will get more benefits if a player controls more basic land types.


Why look at the first 1 or 2 cards when you can play all 5 colors and look at the first 5 cards instead

In the case of Voda Sea Scavenger, if the player controls all 5 basic land types, the player will be able to look at the top 5 cards of their library.

The next returning mechanic kicker is an optional additional cost that a player can choose to pay while casting a spell.

When the additional cost is paid, the spell will always have an additional or alternative benefit.

A player can search for a basic land when this spell is activated

A player can search for a basic land when this spell is activated

Limited edition tokens

For players residing in the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, everyone has the opportunity to acquire a limited edition token card whenever they spend S $ 140 for Dominica United products.

A very nice translucent token

A very nice translucent token

There are a total of three unique tokens that look like stained glass and come together to form a mural on the battlefield.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Magic: The GatheringWizards Play Network (WPN) stores will also be distributing special retro-foil promotional cards from the history of Magic: The Gathering for the next versions of the Standard set.

What memories!

What memories!

Starting from Dominica UnitedAny player who wishes to collect, for example, the pretty Serra Angel above, can only do so by participating in the pre-release events.

Next, Dominica United will also arrive in Jumpstart boosters. Designed for easy deck building, each Jumpstart pack comes with 20 cards.

A player can build a deck by simply combining two Jumpstart boosters and immediately play with another player for a quick game Magic: The Gathering.

The return of Legends, sort of

Finally, to add some spice to this new Standard set, Wizards of the Coast has apparently found many boxes of Legends Be around.

Yes, that 1994 set with Pendrell Vale’s Tabernacle, The Chain of Mephistopheles and more.

Very expensive cards (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

Very expensive cards (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

Wizards opened those boxes and randomly inserted the file Legends cards in Collector Booster. If you’re lucky enough with a Collector Booster, you could just open a Eureka and, well, channel your inner Archimedes.

They actually no longer have illustrations like this in the newer cards (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

They actually no longer have illustrations like this in the newer cards (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

Dominaria United will be available in Draft Packs, Set Packs, Collector Packs, Jumpstart Packs, Commander Decks, and Bundles.

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