MAC Alum Nick Gavrelis launches holistic beauty brand, Ieró Beauty – WWD

MAC Alum Nick Gavrelis launches holistic beauty brand, Ieró Beauty – WWD

MAC Alum Nick Gavrelis launches holistic beauty brand, Ieró Beauty – WWD

Ieró means “sacred” in ancient Greek.

For Nick Gavrelis, a MAC Cosmetics alum for over 18 years and most recently the brand’s senior vice president of global product development, the concept of beauty as a sacred practice, or act of self-love, was integral to the genesis of his new brand, Ieró Beauty.

Launching this month is the brand’s first Moonkissed Collection, which consists of four products ranging in price from $ 32 for a pH responsive lip treatment, to $ 72 for a repairing serum-oil.

By combining plant-based ingredients such as Damask Rose Water with essential oils and crystals including amethyst and hematite, the cruelty-free vegan line aims to provide consumers with a relaxing, multi-sensory experience.

“Ieró helps you anchor and be present so you can reveal the best parts of yourself,” said Gavrelis. “This is how we approach product development, packaging and even how the consumer will use these products.”

The founder partnered with a spiritual healer to co-develop rituals that match each product’s application, such as pouring a sachet of pure amethyst crystals into the Serene Essence Replenishing Mist before use.

By engaging in these rituals, Gavrelis wants consumers to feel more connected to the products they are applying and more in tune with themselves. – a message taken from the design of the bottle itself, which is plastered with the symbol of the flower of life.

“I had to ask myself, ‘What can I do in beauty that would be different?’ Gavrelis said. “I started daydreaming, doing research and starting my journey of awareness with meditation, breathing, yoga and going back to my cultural roots in terms of Greece.”

With well-being more firmly anchored than ever in the public consciousness, spiritual beauty has grown in both popularity and prevalence. With Ieró, Gavrelis seeks not only to address consumer concerns about skin (and ultimately, makeup), but to emphasize the benefits of awareness in beauty, which he believes exist beyond the simple process of applying the product.

“I knew I wanted to offer something that would treat the whole self, not just the skin, and that would be uplifting in a time of turbulence, conflict, fear,” said Gavrelis.

The venture marks the second launch of the Gavrelis brand to date, with the founder previously running a cosmetics line called Pretty Pretty from 1999 to 2001 in partnership with fellow makeup artist, James Vincent.

Ieró is rolling out direct-to-consumer to get started, with Gavrelis considering potential retail and category expansions in the near future. The founder and CEO did not specify sales expectations for the brand, but industry sources expect Ieró to do so. $ 500,000 in retail sales by the end of 2022 and estimates they could reach $ 2.2 million by the end of 2023.

“We see Ieró Beauty as a tremendous opportunity to transition, as a lifestyle brand, into other categories,” said Gavrelis. “There may be fragrances in our future, home furnishings And tools designed to deliver [crystal-]mindfulness infused makeup artist.

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