League of Legends releases Udyr hotfix to deal with bad win rates

League of Legends releases Udyr hotfix to deal with bad win rates

League of Legends releases Udyr hotfix to deal with bad win rates

An illustration of Udyr clenching his fist from League of Legends

A disappointing relaunch: Udyr’s visual graphics updates are jaw-dropping, but its win rate is pretty low. Perhaps, the reworking of him could have used more testing and feedback, like Sivir? (Photo: Riot Games)

Udyr’s reworking, one of a League of Legends (Lol) champion in recent years, it was released in Patch 12.16 last week.

While Udyr’s preview video wowed so many, showing the promise that this was the best rework ever to come, its release was entirely different.

Its Visual Graphic Update (VGU) didn’t disappoint, but the developers missed its gameplay mark.

Udyr’s payout percentages are at a measly 43.23% in the jungle and of course that hasn’t moved him out of level 5.

Udyr mains said the champion’s versatility didn’t perform well, with his damage-oriented builds failing far more than the more tanky ones.

It seems that some bug fixes are also due. The Tear of the Goddess item has not been properly stacked on Udyr, which means that her auto attacks with her passive powers are not coming.

However, this is only true once the Winged Storm (R) targeted spell has been successfully cast, so it may have been intentional.

As a result, developer Riot Games released a hotfix to power up the Spirit Walker.

Riot’s Ray “RayYonggi” Williams, responsible for Sivir’s highly successful rework, actively engaged players on Udyr’s main Discord channel, receiving feedback from players who have learned to use Spirit Walker.

He then provided a couple of updates on the newly reworked champion on the same channel, saying, “Udyr is currently performing as expected with Tank builds and weaker than expected with AD / Q builds (and significantly weaker than acceptable in the long run). . “

He also mentioned that some abilities were slightly over-tuned while others were slightly subdued, with the Spirit Walker’s Q “significantly underperforming”.

Riot's RayYonggi announcement about Udyr's hotfix.  (Screenshot courtesy of Reddit user HS_Cogito_Ergo_Sum)

Riot’s RayYonggi announcement about Udyr’s hotfix. (Screenshot courtesy of Reddit user HS_Cogito_Ergo_Sum)

RayYonggi warned that this won’t be fully resolved in one go, but the team aimed to address them slowly.

Here are some of the changes made to Micropatch, courtesy of a post on Reddit by user HS_Cogito_Ergo_Sum:

Savage Claw (Q)

  • Max HP per hit 3 ~ 9% >> 3 ~ 10%

  • Max HP on hit AD ratio 4% >> 6%

  • Physical damage on hit 5 ~ 25 (+0.1 AD bonus) >> 5 ~ 45 (+0.2 AD bonus)

His Q now scales with AD. Hopefully, this will allow Udyr’s AD build to be much more feasible.

Iron Cloak (W)

His W gains a nerf as an adjustment, as a precaution to prevent Udyr chariots from invading Summoner’s Rift.

Fiery Escape (E)

Udyr’s Fiery Escape (E) now grants him 65% increased movement speed, up from 50%, and stun blocking will help him better control crowds.

For now, the hotfix has done little to improve our Spirit Walker’s overall win rate, but RayYonggi has hinted on Discord that this won’t be the last adjustment to the champion.

Hopefully Riot will follow along and bring out the best in this old champion.

Otherwise, all the hype about this rework will be all in vain and players will be disappointed.

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