Kellyanne Conway tries to bolster Trump’s support as legal troubles grow

Kellyanne Conway tries to bolster Trump’s support as legal troubles grow

Kellyanne Conway tries to bolster Trump’s support as legal troubles grow

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Donald Trump’s former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway doesn’t think Republicans should leave his former boss, despite signs that his control of the party could cost him the chance to take Congress in November.

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Speaking to Fox News on Tuesday, Conway said, “Those who want to go through Trump: You go first.”

Democrats are increasingly confident that they can capitalize on Trump’s dominance of the Republican party, their own legislative successes, and the need to protect abortion rights and hold the House and Senate.

So much so, they have controversially encouraged Trump-backed extremist candidates, including electoral deniers, in order to give independents and moderate Republicans a clear-cut choice at the polls.

But Conway, who remains close to Trump, has doubled the appeal of the Trump agenda.

“Whenever the Democrats tell you which Republican your candidate should be, you run in the opposite direction, because they know they are trying to make that person unpleasant,” he said.

Democrats think Trump and his supporters are unpleasant given his refusal to admit defeat in 2020 and his lie about election fraud; his legal risk on that front and his business; and her furious reaction to an FBI search of his home in Mar-a-Lago, for his storage of confidential White House materials.

Democrats performed well in special elections, focusing in particular on the removal of the right to abortion by the supreme court. In conservative Kansas, an election ruled in favor of the right of choice. In key Senate contests, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, and Georgia, Trump-backed candidates are struggling.

Conway said voters were aligned with Republicans on key issues. Those obsessed with Trump, she said, “don’t spend a minute learning what the 74 million Trump-Pence voters want in this mid-term election. This is what I study every single day. “

More than 74 million Americans voted for Trump and Mike Pence in 2020. Unsaid by Conway: More than 81 million voted for Joe Biden.

“When Trump is the party leader, when he’s involved in the conversation,” Conway said, Republicans are enjoying results like in 2018, when they celebrated “four [Senate] resumed from blue to red, the first time since John Kennedy in 1962 that a president in power won only one seat in the Senate in a mid-term election ”.

Republicans also lost the House in 2018, losing 40 seats under the so-called blue wave.

On Fox News, pollster Mark Penn disputed Conway’s comments.

“There is a very large group, 10%, who voted for [Biden] last time who doesn’t like it this time, ”he said. “Because they aren’t crowding [to Republicans]? They worry about inflation. They worry about crime, they worry about immigration.

“They are not crowding in because of Donald Trump, guns and abortion. Those three are central democratic issues for them. And that’s why this race right now is so much closer than you would normally expect.

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