“I was perhaps feeling a little too relaxed and too short of energy”

“I was perhaps feeling a little too relaxed and too short of energy”

“I was perhaps feeling a little too relaxed and too short of energy”

Cameron Norrie in action Credit: PA Images

Cameron Norrie in action Credit: PA Images

Cameron Norrie was left to regret an unusually flawed performance as her run to the US Open ended in a fourth-round defeat to Andrey Rublev.

Norrie, who was once again the last British single player standing at a Grand Slam, was looking to follow her run to the Wimbledon semi-finals but was below her best in a 6-4, 6 defeat. -4 6-4.

The 27-year-old has maintained consistent excellence over the past two seasons, so a tally of 35 unforced errors was unexpected and he showed his frustration with a rare racquet hit in the third set.

Norrie said: “I felt like I started the game very well, very relaxed and playing well, serving well. I was perhaps feeling a little too relaxed and too low on energy. I do not know why.

“I went through a phase in the second set, I wasn’t hitting my backhand, I was missing a lot. The mistakes on my backhand weren’t like me. I can usually rely on that side.

“I felt like Andrey hadn’t really given me anything, and he was very solid. All thanks to him. Perhaps the only time I had a chance was when I ended up throwing my racquet, and I ended up getting a little more energy and moving a lot better for the next 20 minutes.

“That was probably the best part of the game for me. It was good learning for me. But it’s all thanks to Andrey, today he didn’t give me anything and if he deserved it more than me “.

This was the third fight between the two, with Rublev winning their first game in 2020 but Norrie went out in the lead in San Diego last year.

Both men play tennis coalface, relying on grit, athleticism and competitive drive as much as serves, forehand and backhand.

Norrie had promised to play with an aggressive mentality against Rublev, the ninth-seeded, who likes to play on the front foot, and certainly sought the forehand in the first few games.

But the backhand, his most reliable shot, started to disappoint him and Rublev broke the serve in the ninth game of the first set and then again at the start of the second.

Humidity levels were high and the sky was darkening, but officials delayed closing the Louis Armstrong stadium roof as heavy spit began to fall, meaning a long pause while the pitch was dry.

That didn’t change the momentum, however, and Norrie didn’t threaten a comeback until she let out her frustration after losing her serve again in the third set and slamming her racket on the court, earning a rare warning.

He broke up with his best match of the match, but lost his serve for the fourth time in the ninth game.

Speaking of the racquet’s success, Norrie said: “Obviously it’s not ideal for breaking racquets. I do this very rarely. I was able to sprint, change my energy, and really lift afterwards.

“But, whenever I got the momentum, I didn’t stick to what I was doing long enough, which is disappointing.”

Rublev advances to the sixth quarter-final of the Grand Slam and third in New York, while Norrie must turn her thoughts to leading the British Davis Cup squad in Glasgow next week.

Leon Smith’s side take on the USA, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands vying for a spot among the eight finalists in Malaga at the end of the season.

Norrie said: “I’m really excited about the Davis Cup and coming back with the crowd and playing on the team we have with so much experience. It will be my first time on the team with Andy (Murray), so I can’t wait.

The 27-year-old is also hoping for a late call-up for the Laver Cup in London next week, while his main goal for the remainder of the season is to reach the ATP finals in Turin.

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