‘I saw my own unconscious body’

‘I saw my own unconscious body’

‘I saw my own unconscious body’

Many described respondents have no vital signs, but are capable of

Many of the respondents described have no vital signs, but are able to “see” what was going on (Getty Images)

What happens to us when we die? It’s a question that has exercised humanity’s best minds ever since those humans have been around for them – and has recently been the subject of a number of groundbreaking scientific studies.

Now, an online forum has specifically asked the question to those who have been clinically dead and then resuscitated and has received hundreds of responses.

Although the veracity of the answers needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, the answers of what essentially amounts to a large survey on the subject can be broken down into three categories.

There are those who have not heard anything; those who have had a light experience and some interaction with another person / being; and those who felt they could watch what was happening while they were “dead” without being able to do anything.

The first group closely matches the responses of a single Redditor who has officially died twice and who recently invited questions on the subject from other users.

The latter group, meanwhile, appears to agree with the work of Dr. Sam Parnia, who sought out patients with cardiac arrest and found that nearly 40% described having some form of “awareness” at a time. in which they were clinically dead.

Here is a glimpse of some of the responses from Reddit users, who still don’t seem to have produced a consensus on the subject:

“I was doing an angiogram, wide awake looking at the screen and talking to the doctor. The alarms started going off and everyone panicked. My world went soft and foggy and everything went black. The next thing I remember. it was opening your eyes and hearing a doctor say “we got it back”. It was truly a feeling of peace more than anything else. “

“One day I collapsed during a class presentation. All breathing and blood circulation stopped. I felt like I was plunging into an endless hole as my peers called for help. I was revived and I still have no memory of the short time before and after my death. “

“In heroin overdose, paramedics said my heart stopped. I didn’t see anything, just like sleeping without dreams. “

“I collapsed during a business meeting in February 2014 and had no pulse or heart rhythm for about five minutes. the last memory dates back to about an hour before the accident, and my next memory dates back to two days laterwhen I came out of a pharmacological coma “.

“I was flat for about 40 seconds. It was like falling asleep without dreaming, without a sense of self. “

“Pure, perfect, uninterrupted, dreamless sleep. “

“I remember a little of the ambulance ride, but not from my own body. It was really the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. It could have been a dream, but I saw my own unconscious, completely flattened body in the ambulance. I remember the ER who was in the ambulance with me (which I didn’t see before I passed out) had mint green hair and I couldn’t remember his name, but I asked for him when I regained consciousness about three days later. “

“I was standing in front of a gigantic wall of light. It stretched up, down, left and right as far as I could see. Kind of like putting your eyes 6 inches from a fluorescent light bulb. The next memory I have is waking up in the hospital.

“I was standing somewhere. There was a fog all around me and I saw my best friend (with whom I was arguing at the time and had stopped talking to me) come out of the fog. He told me I couldn’t go yet, that I had to keep trying, and if I promised not to give up, he would see me again on Earth. I accepted without words and was immediately thrust (in?) Into my body. “

“I see a vivid” flashback “of myself in the ambulance being taken to the hospital and I am stopped in the ambulance and I look down on myself / others in an ambulance. “

“When I coded, I don’t remember the feeling of floating, but I was able to remember in detail things that happened while I was “dead” across the room. No white lights, no dead relatives, no one told me to go back, but I was definitely able to see things that were in no way visible from where my body was. I remember talking and getting angry because no one would answer me. My mother told me ‘you didn’t say anything, you were dead’ “.

“I saw nothing. Black, long empty, but I had the feeling that everything was great and that nothing was wrong. Imagine how pre-existence felt, more or less like post-existence. “

[This article was originally published in October 2015]

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