March 16, 2023
How much does a family lawyer cost in Canada?

How much does a family lawyer cost in Canada?


You’ve got a lot of legal questions about your family law case, and you want to find out as much information as possible. Let’s face it —prepping for family law can be emotionally draining and financially challenging. That’s why you need an experienced family lawyer who can meet your needs and guide you through the process.

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer, the first question that comes to mind is how much does the lawyer charge? It’s important because if you have to pay out of pocket for the service, it could make a big difference in whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

How much does a family lawyer cost in Canada?

The cost of hiring a lawyer depends on the complexity of your case. A more complicated case will generally cost you more than a simple one. However, there are some cases where the fee is negotiable. For example, if you need to hire an expert witness or if you want to get legal advice from a paralegal, then you can negotiate with your lawyer for a lower fee.

You should also consider how long your case will take. If you have hired a lawyer who is willing to work on a contingency basis (meaning they only charge if they win), then you may be able to get some legal help at no cost.

The average cost of a lawyer is $1,200 per hour. This includes both fixed and contingency fees. The average hourly rate for a family law lawyer in Toronto is $1,500.

If you need help with child custody or child support, expect to pay at least $10-20 an hour for legal advice and preparation. If you need a lawyer for a divorce or separation, expect to pay at least $10-15 per hour for legal advice and preparation.

The price of a lawyer depends on several factors: the type of case, the experience level of the lawyer, how much time the lawyer spends on your case, and whether or not you are represented by a paralegal or barrister on your case.

The cost of a family lawyer can vary depending on where you live, the type of case you have, and how much time your lawyer spends with you.

In general, the following is an estimate for the average cost of hiring a family lawyer in Canada:

$2,000 to $5,000 for a consultation (usually done in person)

$2,000 to $5,000 for a court filing fee (also usually done in person)

$1,000 to $3,000 for a hearing date

$200 to $500 for an initial meeting with your family lawyer


While every Canadian law firm is different, and each one charges fees differently as well, there is at least an average amount of money a family lawyer will cost you to hire. From there, the details vary on a case-by-case basis; the lawyers themselves are all paid a different rate, and how the work is billed affects what clients will pay as well. It’s hard to know exactly how much a family lawyer will cost before evaluating the details of a particular case.

If you’re involved in a legal dispute, family law can be complicated. Because so many factors are involved, it’s difficult to say how much a lawyer will cost you. Rather than gauging their fees based on the type of case, lawyer and insurance underwriter Ted Rees recommend looking at the likely outcome. “If you’re going to trial, it’s probably going to cost you more because of the time involved,” says Rees. “If it’s a real low-value claim that’s over in a couple of months, then obviously the costs are significantly less.”

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