Green activist, expert skier and mine hunter commander

Green activist, expert skier and mine hunter commander

Green activist, expert skier and mine hunter commander

The Prince of Wales salutes during a consecration service in Bramham Park (Richard Martin-Roberts / PA) (PA Wire)

The Prince of Wales salutes during a consecration service in Bramham Park (Richard Martin-Roberts / PA) (PA Wire)

Here’s a look at the life and times of Charles, the new monarch.

– The eldest son of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, Charles was born in Buckingham Palace on November 14, 1948, weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces.

– His birth was the first time in centuries that there was no government minister present to witness the arrival of a future heir to the throne.

– Charles Philip Arthur George was baptized on December 15, 1948 in the Music Hall of Buckingham Palace.

– Charles became heir on the death of his grandfather, King George VI, when his mother ascended the throne on February 6, 1952. He was three years old.

– He was initially looked after by two Scottish nannies and a housekeeper.

– In October 1956 he started as a day boy at Hill House School in London’s elegant Knightsbridge.

– The following year, at the age of eight, he attended the Cheam School as a cohabitant.

– Charles was created Prince of Wales on July 26, 1958, when he was nine years old.

– The 21st Prince of Wales, his investiture was made by the Queen on 1 July 1969 at Caernarfon Castle when he was 20 years old. It was broadcast on television and seen by an audience of 19 million in the UK.

– As a teenager, Charles studied at Gordonstoun School near Elgin in Morayshire in the Scottish Highlands, later recounting his unhappy time there.

– In October 1967 he went to Cambridge University to read archeology and anthropology at Trinity College, then moved on to history.

– He joined the military in 1971 and a few months later received his RAF wings at Cranwell in Lincolnshire. He continued to join the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and served on numerous ships. He also went to Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton for helicopter flight training in 1974.

– He was given command of his ship, HMS Bronington, the mine hunter, for the last 10 months of his active service in the Royal Navy which ended in 1976.

– Charles founded The Prince’s Trust in 1976, using the money he was given when he left the Navy. It has become the UK’s leading youth charity, offering training, personal development, business start-up support, mentoring and advice.

– He married Lady Diana Spencer in a fairytale ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981.

– Their son William, now Duke of Cambridge, was born on 21 June 1982, followed by the birth of Prince Harry, now Duke of Sussex, on 15 September 1984.

– Already in 1985 it was rumored that the marriage of Charles and Diana was in trouble and in 1992 it was announced that they were going to separate.

– In 1994, in a national television interview, Charles admitted that he had been unfaithful after the breakup of his marriage.

– A year later, Diana went on TV and even admitted adultery, with James Hewitt, but said there were “three people” in her marriage – Camilla Parker Bowles was the prince’s other woman.

– Charles and Diana divorced in 1996.

– The following year, Diana died in a car accident in Paris, sparking a mass wave of national grief.

– In 2005, the prince got engaged to long-term love and ex-lover Camilla Parker Bowles.

– They got married on April 9, 2005 after the ceremony was delayed due to the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Camilla became her Royal Highness, her Duchess of Cornwall.

– Charles is patron of over 400 charities.

– He also created the Dukey Originals brand and Poundbury ‘model’ eco village near Dorchester in Dorset.

– He retired from polo in 2005 after 40 years. He is an experienced skier and a skilled watercolorist.

– The prince is described in the sensitive, spiritual, sometimes melancholy character, with a strong social conscience.

– He is passionate about the environment, as well as preserving traditional skills and arts.

– He became the heir to the eldest throne for more than 300 years after overtaking William IV who became monarch in June 1830 at the age of 64, 10 months and five days. The heir to the eldest throne was Sophia of Hanover, who died at the age of 83 in 1714.

– Charles was also the longest-lived heir to the throne. He broke the record set by Edward VII who became monarch at the age of 59, when his mother, Queen Victoria, died in 1901.

– The prince first became a grandfather in July 2013 when Prince George was born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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