Football was canceled despite the sport being allowed to continue

Football was canceled despite the sport being allowed to continue

Football was canceled despite the sport being allowed to continue

Ben Stokes - Ben Stokes:

Ben Stokes – Ben Stokes: “We will play in honor of the queen” – Action Images via Reuters / Andrew Boyers

The Premier League and Football League are postponing all matches this weekend despite the government giving the green light to the sport to continue after the queen’s death.

The decision was made after extensive consultation last night and this morning as the nation enters an official period of mourning over the death of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. The official opinion of the Department for Digital, Media and Sport left the decision to the discretion of sporting bodies, but the football teams and executives decided that the best course of action was a complete cancellation.

However, the decision will put pressure on an already tight schedule with the November World Cup finals which required an early part of the compressed season.

Football’s decision stands at odds with the likes of cricket, with England captain Ben Stokes saying he would be “honored to play” in memory of the queen this weekend.

The decisive third test for England’s series against South Africa will almost certainly begin on Saturday and golf at Wentworth will also resume now, according to Telegraph Sport.

“No obligation to cancel”

Sports powerbrokers were told there was “no obligation” to cancel events as they met with the government after a series of competitions on Friday were canceled.

Sources close to Whitehall have said that this matches the approach planned for years within the government. “This is at the discretion of individual organizations,” ministers add in their guide. However, a full sporting cancellation is suggested for the day of the funeral.

“Out of respect, organizations may want to consider canceling or postponing events or closing venues on the day of the state funeral,” the guide adds. “They have no obligation to do so and this is entirely at the discretion of the individual organizations. If there are games or sporting events planned for the day of the state funeral, organizations may want to change the timing of the event so as not to conflict. with the timetables of the funeral service and related processions “.

However, meetings taking place in the interim period are advised to pay the appropriate gifts.

“Out of respect, and in keeping with the tone of national mourning, organizers may wish to maintain a period of silence and / or play the national anthem at the start of sporting events or matches, and players may wish to wear black armbands.” adds the guide.

The golfers called out mid-round

Horse racing, which had a particularly close affinity with the queen, was the first sport to confirm that there would be no matches on Thursday. “It is therefore right that all races are suspended for today [Thursday] and tomorrow, when we begin to cry over Her Majesty’s death and remember her extraordinary life and her contribution to our sport and our nation, “said the British Horseracing Authority.

In cricket, the Duchy of Cornwall is the host of the Kia Oval and the England and Wales Cricket Board immediately called a council meeting on Thursday to delay England’s third test. “Following the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Friday’s match between England and South Africa Men at The Oval, along with all scheduled matches of the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy, will not take place,” the ECB said Thursday.

It now looks likely that a four-day test will begin on Saturday, with England set to fly to Pakistan on Wednesday for the Twenty20 series which begins in Karachi.

The European Tour Group of Golf, meanwhile, immediately stopped play at the BMW PGA Championship and subsequently canceled the action on Friday. “It has really been a source of inspiration to people all over the world,” said the authority, adding that “the flags of the Wentworth Club will be lowered at half mast.”

Despite this weekend’s cancellations, some English football clubs were involved in European matches on Thursday night. Manchester United said they were commissioned by both the FA and Uefa to carry on the Europa League match against Real Sociedad. Arsenal were playing at FC Zurich when the queen’s death was announced. There was a minute of silence just before the start of the second half.

Sport abroad will certainly go as planned. Sources within Formula 1 say the Monza Grand Prix is ​​not expected to be delayed. However, there will be commemorations and an inevitably gloomy atmosphere.

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