Favorite things of stylist Stine Goya

Favorite things of stylist Stine Goya

Favorite things of stylist Stine Goya

    (Stine Goya)

(Stine Goya)

Since starting her eponymous label in 2006, Stine Goya has spread joy with vibrant colors and hand-painted prints that instill confidence in the life of her loyal fan base.

Based in traditionally minimalist Copenhagen, where most brands are known for their Scandinavian aesthetic, the designer stands out as a cheerful, bright and playful island in a sea of ​​muted neutrals. He creates clothes that are equally eclectic, chic and easy to wear, creating versatile garments that can work on vacation, at work or for an evening dinner.

Stine Goya SS / 23 (Stine Goya)

Stine Goya SS / 23 (Stine Goya)

And this USP is definitely working in favor of the designer. Available in 450 retailers, including Selfridges, Liberty and Harvey Nichols, in 30 markets around the world, its reach is universal. Now, after opening three successful stores in Denmark, it’s time to take the brand internationally by opening a new flagship store in the heart of Soho in London.

For her latest spring / summer 23 collection, Goya drew inspiration from the Riot Grrls movement, an era of punk feminism in the early 1990s, and artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who uses fireworks to fill the sky with a vibrant color palette, sending models parading in executive tailoring, sparkling party dresses and bold garments.

Both the designer and her husband and CEO, Thomas Hertz, are driven not only by a celebration of individuality, but also by sustainability and inclusiveness, trying to be transparent about her goal of becoming 95% sustainable by 2025 – and they are on the good way to success.

We caught up with the designer after the Copenhagen Fashion Week show to discuss her collection, her personal taste and, of course, her exciting new store in London.

What are you doing right now?

We just showed our SS23 “Whisper Loud” collection at CPHFW and we are in the middle of the design process of our FW23 collection. The term ‘fashion never sleeps’ is a cliché but very true. We always design collections at least a year in advance, so the feeling of finally being able to show the world what we have been working on for so long is incomparable. It’s always a little nerve-wracking, but most of all a blast!

    (Stine Goya)

(Stine Goya)

What inspired you for your SS23 collection?

This season, we’ve been inspired by the women of the early 1990s Riot Grrrl movement, which is an avant-garde collective of feminists who fought female gender norms with raucous music. We felt strong and alive when we listened to their tracks, from Bikini Kill to Bratmobile. The way they dressed, their “fuck you” attitude and their general vibe is what seemed so inspiring.

They would dress in a very eclectic way; combining pleated mini skirts with soft t-shirts and oversized bomber jackets with lace slip dresses. This eclecticism is truly reflected in our SS23 collection. For our prints and color palette we were also inspired by the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who creates stunning aerial works of art by exploding colored pigments in the sky, creating beautiful and vibrant fireworks of color.

Why did you choose London to open your first store outside Denmark?

London seemed right for us. We have developed a strong fan base in the UK over the years and have seen a significant increase in UK orders. Opening a physical store in London to further incorporate us into the community was the next logical step.

Besides that, London holds a special place in my heart. Having lived and worked there for many years during and after my stay at Central Saint Martins, I consider it my second home. My husband, Thomas, and I were standing at 45 Beak Street nearly ten years ago and swore that one day there would be “Stine Goya” at the door. What an incredible feeling it is that that day has finally come.

What’s your favorite outfit?

I love to play with the contrast between casual and chic and have outfits that transform from day to night. I often wear our Sequin Markus trousers with an oversized cotton poplin shirt, like the Charlotta shirt we just launched for SS23, and pair it with funky sneakers. If I go out for dinner in the evening, I can quickly put on heels to elevate the look for the evening.

What are the items in your wardrobe that you can’t do without?

For the summer, I love wearing a cheeky dress and feeling ready for the day. When it’s colder you can pair it with an oversized shirt or a fun jacket and that’s really all you need. You can also easily change your look with accessories: a large bag for a swim in the city or a small party clutch for going out. A winter staple for me would be a chunky, funky and cozy sweater that can easily be combined with pants for a simple look. Copenhagen tends to get quite cold in winter, so it’s a must to have some warm and fluffy pieces ready in your wardrobe.

Street style in Stine Goya SS / 23 (Stine Goya)

Street style in Stine Goya SS / 23 (Stine Goya)

How would you describe your style? Is she similar to the girl Stine Goya?

I’m the ultimate Stine Goya girl! I wear items from our collection every day and love to combine them in new ways. My style is, if nothing else, colorful. I feel my best in bright, casual pieces that combine chic and casual, an ethic that is deeply rooted in our collections. Some of our pieces look very high but are extremely comfortable, making everyday garments that you can wear whenever and however you like.

What’s your favorite piece from your most recent collection?

The Fatuna cargo pants are a new style for us that I am very excited about. Especially the ones with the faded floral print are the favorites of the SS23 collection. It’s such a stunning yet easy piece that it looks great combined with a jersey top. Another all-time favorite is the Norea oversized padded bomber jacket with embroidered embellishments that contrasts so beautifully with the rougher nineties clothing style seen in the other pieces.

What is the highlight of your career?

There have been a lot of them in recent years. One that was a huge game changer for us was Michelle Obama wearing our dress three years ago. It was at this very moment that I felt that the years of work and development had led to this very moment. Other more recent highlights have been the support of some amazing women like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and Lily Allen who played our songs.

We saw many new people discovering Stine Goya from all over the world and the Adonis sweater worn by Kendall Jenner immediately sold out. The most recent highlight was obviously our SS23 show at CPHFW, it was the first show in full swing since the pandemic and the atmosphere was out of this world. It’s all those moments that I just have to pinch myself and I can be so grateful for what we have achieved and are continually achieving with our team.

    (Stine Goya)

(Stine Goya)

What is something you recently bought for your home?

One of the most recent purchases for our home is the Halo Horizon lamp from Mandalaki, which illuminates any room by projecting this round sunset-like shape onto the wall. It is truly a work of art that creates this fantastic universe in the space it is placed in.

What beauty product can’t you live without?

I love very minimal and natural makeup, so I usually try to focus on skin care and just add a little mascara. I love Susanne Kauffman’s creams, they are so light and are made of all natural ingredients and complement my skin type very well. One of my absolute favorites is the Rejuvenating Power Serum, it just gives me this fresh glow and brightens my skin in the best way.

How do you treat yourself on a busy schedule?

I love going out for dinner with close friends and family to relax after a busy day with a good glass of natural wine and spend some quality time together. Also, the biggest surprise I can make for myself is to try a morning swim every day, regardless of the season! I also go to the gym twice a week. All of these efforts help to stay balanced and energetic.

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