Chris Rock calls Will Smith’s apology a “hostage video”

Chris Rock calls Will Smith’s apology a “hostage video”

Chris Rock calls Will Smith’s apology a “hostage video”

Comedian Chris Rock told his audience that he is not interested in the apology of the

Comedian Chris Rock told his audience that he is not interested in Will Smith’s “hostage video” apology for beating him at the Oscars. (Photo: Al Seib / AMPAS via Getty Images)

Chris Rock is not interested in the public apology video Will Smith posted on social media months after slapping the comedian at the Oscars.

During a performance with Dave Chappelle at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night, Rock, 57, responded to Smith’s apology by saying “fuck your hostage video,” Deadline reported.

Rock was referring to the video that Smith posted in late July to apologize for slapping Rock during the telecast of March’s Academy Awards. The comedian had made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair, who he reportedly was unaware of having alopecia. In response, Smith, 53, who would later accept the Oscar for Best Actor that night, cursed Rock before storming the stage and beating him up.

Rock continued for a while that he performed on his tour, saying, “Yeah, that shit. He played Ali, “referring to Smith’s role as legendary boxer Muhammad Ali in the 2001 film Ali. “I can’t even play Floyd Mayweather.”

Joking that Rock had “overshadowed” him that night by making a joke about Smith, Chappelle also turned to the Oscar skirmish during his turn at the microphone. He told the London audience that if the actor slapped him on stage during the awards ceremony, he would not “enjoy the rest of his night”.

Chappelle added that from her personal experience with onstage assault, she never knows if a crowd is hostile.

“It was scary shit,” he said of the incident at his May show.

Just last week, during a performance of his cabaret show in Phoenix, Arizona, Rock claimed that he had been asked to host next year’s Oscars, but declined the invitation.

According to The Republic of Arizona“Rock likened the return to the Oscars as a return to a crime scene, referring to the murder trial of OJ Simpson, whose killing of his ex-wife began with her leaving a pair of glasses in an Italian restaurant. Rock he said returning to the awards ceremony would be like asking Nicole Brown Simpson ‘to go back to the restaurant’. “

In the apology video, the King Richard star said he tried to make contact with Rock in the months following the incident, but had no success talking directly to the comic.

“I contacted Chris and the message that came back is that he is not ready to talk and when he is, he will contact you. So I’ll tell you, Chris, I apologize to you,” shared Smith. “My behavior was unacceptable and I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk.”

One person Smith has in his corner is ex-wife Sheree Zampino, with whom he shares 29-year-old son Trey. The frequent Real housewives of Beverly Hills the guest star said that no matter what happens to Smith, she is by his side.

“I ride with him!” he told Page Six last week. However, watching the incident on TV as it happened turned out to be “surreal”.

“At first I thought it was a skit, but once I realized it was real, my thought was, ‘I’m not even going to deal with it because it’s her night,'” she said. “When he arrived, we were supportive and loved by him. The whole situation was alien to me because Will is always in control and kindness. You don’t really see him getting angry that often.

That said, Zampino thinks it’s time to move on from the accident to the Oscars.

“He apologized and took responsibility and responsibility for it,” added Zampino. “I don’t know what happened right now. I wouldn’t ask If it’s something he wants to share, he can. But he has a family that loves him, rides for him and supports him. He is allowed to be human “.

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