Blacks are “terrified” after the deadly shooting of an unarmed rapper by the police

Blacks are “terrified” after the deadly shooting of an unarmed rapper by the police

Blacks are “terrified” after the deadly shooting of an unarmed rapper by the police

Chris Kaba was shot and killed by police (family pantry)

Chris Kaba was shot and killed by police (family pantry)

Black communities have expressed concern over the fatal killing of a black man by police in London amid calls for nationwide protests.

Chris Kaba, who would become a father within a few months, died Monday night following a chase that ended at Streatham Hill.

The 24-year-old’s Audi was blocked by two police cars in a narrow residential street, Kirkstall Gardens, before a shot was fired from a police weapon.

After two days of minimal information from the Metropolitan Police about the circumstances behind the shooting, the police watchdog confirmed on Wednesday evening that no guns were found in Mr. Kaba’s car.

The incident sparked fears of protests amid mounting tensions within an already strained relationship between police and black communities across the UK.

Mr. Kaba’s family accused the metropolitan police of being “totally racist” as activists demand that the officers responsible for his death face criminal charges.

Talking with The independentBell Ribeiro-Addy, a Streatham MP, said local residents referred to the incident as an “execution” as concerns continue to grow over the increase in armed patrols by the Metropolitan Police in recent months.

“The kids in the area refer to the execution, the family calls it racist – it all went very badly,” he said.

“When people start using language this way and talk about ‘another murder of a black man’ – this is what they see it as ‘murder’ – it creates a sense of anger and fear.

Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP (PA)

Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP (PA)

“Everyone is really nervous about what happens next. But ultimately what happens next will be dictated by the information communicated. The lack of information from the police, on the whole, has been problematic and they will do nothing to help with the tensions in the community ”.

The IOCC, which is investigating the incident, said an automatic license plate recognition camera indicated the vehicle was linked to a firearms incident in the previous days, according to a statement released Wednesday by the enforcement agency. vigilance.

This comes when dozens of protesters gathered outside Brixton Police Station in South London, shouting “we want answers, we want justice” from the steps outside the building.

The group, of about 40 people, went to the station after meeting outside the Ritzy cinema, as part of a demonstration that was scheduled for 3 pm outside the cinema.

Mr. Kaba’s family had asked for the cancellation, urging supporters to “respect our wishes as Chris’s family and allow us to coordinate the various activities we expect in the coming weeks.”

“With the changes to the protest law it is important to ensure that all gatherings are not only peaceful but also legal. Black communities are often over-guarded with the misconception that we are acting violently, disorderly and criminally, “read a family statement released Thursday.

“This is exactly why Chris was followed by the police. We don’t want to give them the satisfaction of unrest in our communities or play these dangerous stereotypes. In our search for justice we will make our voices heard aloud, clearly and with dignity ”.

Describing the mood among local residents, Ms Ribeiro-Addy said: “The tension is high. I am very afraid of riots; we have already seen two impromptu protests attempted to organize themselves already.

“People are worried about armed patrols; If we’re starting to have more gun patrols, then we need to know. Eventually, this will change people’s behavior. It will alter mine and I have done nothing wrong!

“If you come from a community that is more likely to be stopped by the police, it is very worrying to understand that weapons may be involved.”

Londoners have expressed concern over a perceived increase in armed police stops in the capital.

It comes after high-profile cases like the stopping of athlete Ricardo Dos Santos’ vehicle in August, which involved up to seven armed police officers.

Met police stepped up armed police patrols in 2018 and The independent he asked the force if there have been any further increases since then.

    (Leroy Logan / Rich Barr)

(Leroy Logan / Rich Barr)

A spokesperson for Black Lives Matter UK said: “We need immediate answers as to why lethal force was used on an unarmed black man.”

Retired Metropolitan Police Superintendent Leroy Logan has demanded that Mr. Kaba’s shooting become the subject of a criminal investigation, conducted by another police force.

He said the UK criminal justice system “hates to convict police officers” and admitted that he “does not believe it because of institutional racism”, but stressed that “accountability” was needed.

Only one UK police officer has been convicted of the death of a black man in 20 years: former West Mercia police officer Benjamin Monk, who illegally killed Dalian Atkinson by tasering on the ground and kicking him in the head, he was jailed for eight years in 2021. He was convicted of manslaughter and but not murder.



Mr Kaba is the third black man known to have died as a result of contact with UK police officers in the past three months.

Oladedji Omishore, 41, fell into the Thames after being tasked on Chelsea Bridge in June while going through a mental health crisis.

A 35-year-old black man living in a nursing home died after contact with the Devon and Cornish police in July.

Agents responded to reports of a “disturbance” to the Tregolls Manor Nursing Home in Cornwall. Then he “got sick” after being handcuffed and later died at the scene. The IOCC is currently investigating the case.

Blacks in the UK are three times more likely to die from contact with the police than their white counterparts, according to recent IOPC data.

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