AOL Tech Fortress is the extra layer of virus protection your PC needs

AOL Tech Fortress is the extra layer of virus protection your PC needs

AOL Tech Fortress is the extra layer of virus protection your PC needs

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True to its name, AOL Tech Fortress protects your computer and the programs your family uses. It’s the ultimate in antivirus software. (Photo: Getty)

Have you ever heard the phrase “spread like a virus”? We have literally witnessed it in the last few years. Like biological viruses, computer viruses also have a knack for spreading like wildfire. However, their modus operandi is to copiously copy code into other programs with one malicious goal: to infect as many computers as possible.

In short, it is easy to acquire a computer virus whose sole purpose is to steal your personal information. This is why it is important to invest in a powerful antivirus program and keep it up to date. But experts are now learning that that’s not enough. As malicious programs (viruses, malware, ransomware) transform and change, new strains become undetectable for traditional antivirus software.

That’s why AOL Tech Fortress exists. This super software is capable of recognizing never-before-seen malware and other viruses that would not be detected by the traditional antivirus program you already have installed.

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Hackers use viruses to make their way into every program you use, whether it’s a video calling application or an online store. (Photo: Getty)

AOL Tech Fortress divides and conquers. Instead of just monitoring your programs across the board, it uses a patented method to isolate and contain every program on your computer in order to protect it from any new and emerging threats to which it is vulnerable. It can work alongside your current antivirus software or on its own.

How vulnerable are your computer programs to malicious activities? Well, there has been an 87% increase in malware infections over the past decade. Ransomware does about $ 5 billion in damage in the United States every year. About half of all computer viral infections sneak under the radar disguised as harmless emails. It is quite easy to catch a computer virus. AOL Tech Fortress proactively strengthens your device against an attack – it has all your bases covered 24/7.

Most antivirus programs scan programs for viruses, but AOL Tech Fortress does not need to scan or update to recognize malware. He’s monitoring things relentlessly. AOL Tech Fortress is designed to give you the freedom to bank, shop, stream video, use social media – all the things you love to do online, worry-free. Even if you accidentally click on the wrong link and land on a site you shouldn’t have, AOL Tech Fortress is the bodyguard that will bring you back to safety.

Worried that AOL Tech Fortress will slow down your computer? There’s no need. While it’s true that running too many background programs at the same time is a known culprit when it comes to slowing down your system, AOL Tech Fortress doesn’t qualify for that category. It does this huge job, monitoring threats around the clock, while being virtually undetectable. It won’t interfere with loading times or WiFi speed.

AOL's technological fortress

Baby boomers are more tech-savvy than ever and are even more cautious. (Photo: Getty)

Since the pandemic blockades became a reality, we have all changed our relationship with technology. This includes the Baby Boomers, the generation Not born in a connected world, who rely on technology more than ever. No doubt hackers are paying attention to these statistics: seniors watch more TV streaming, own more smartphones, do more online banking, and change their strategies hand in hand.

But boomers are also the generation most concerned about their online safety – studies show – so investing in a one-stop shop for online safety makes sense. And AOL Tech Fortress is risk-free for one month, so you really have a lot more to lose without it.

Try AOL Tech Fortress for free * for 30 days

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