A beginner’s guide to trendy rental

A beginner’s guide to trendy rental

A beginner’s guide to trendy rental

Photo credit: Christian Vierig - Getty Images

Photo credit: Christian Vierig – Getty Images

There is no doubt that the rental fashion is on the rise. As we all become painfully more aware of the impact clothing manufacturing is having on our planet, many of us are looking to shop fewer, shop better and, on occasion, turn to rental rather than always buying something. new.

In recent years, so many great rental platforms have emerged and fashion houses are also jumping into action by investing in the idea. However, if you’ve never rented an item of clothing before, the process can certainly be daunting.

Here, we round up all the tips and tricks you need to know before embracing the world of rental fashion, whether you’re renting something for yourself or loaning out your wardrobe.

We speak to Victoria Prew, founder and CEO of the rental fashion platform Hurr, to clarify some of the biggest questions a new renter might face.

How do i start?

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Hurr platform and the iOS app – start adding items you like to your wishlist, with over 10,000+ listings there really is something for everyone. The rental process itself is incredibly simple, simply choose the parts you wish to rent, select a delivery date and you will be connected to the lender via our in-platform messaging. Rentals start at as little as £ 16, so I’d say start with some “safer” garments you know you’ll love, or brands you’ve previously worn, then you can rack up more daring rentals, pushing yourself out of your style comfort zone a little more.

How long before an event should i borrow something?

You can select a delivery date of your choice, but we recommend that you take a day or two earlier than necessary, this gives you plenty of time to try it out and avoid last minute stress. If you are short on time or are worried about the shape, we have a permanent pop up in Selfridges so you can try as many pieces as you want and take them away with you the same day.

If you are outside London, however, we offer our 100% fit policy, which means that if your chosen garment does not fit you can return the next day and receive a refund of part money and part credit to rent something else.

Photo credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images

Photo credit: Edward Berthelot – Getty Images

How can I get the most out of fashion rental?

The more you use the rental, the more it becomes part of your daily life. Many of our clients do not rent for holidays and holidays, but rent for everyday life: evening appointments, job interviews, picnics in the park.

As a peer-to-peer marketplace, you can also list your wardrobe. We’re not saying ‘never buy new’, we’re saying ‘buy less and buy better’, knowing that you can shop responsibly, wear it, then put it on the platform. After three rentals you have your money back. Ultimately, we want to inspire our community to be both renters and lenders.

How do I choose something that suits me?

If you’re a first-time renter, I think it’s a good idea to look at brands you already know and trust. You know the sizes, you know how they fit, you know what to expect. But we also have a stem on Instagram, we have an amazing community of people who love to style their rentals differently, so take inspiration from someone with a similar shape to yours and hunt down the spot.

Photo credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images

Photo credit: Edward Berthelot – Getty Images

What happens if i damage or lose an item i rented?

As a renter, you should treat rented items as if they were your own, but of course we understand that accidents can occur. We have created our £ 5 damage protection add-on, this helps give you peace of mind and covers any damage or larger stains should you run with a spilled drink.

How do you become a successful lender yourself?

It takes less than 60 seconds to list an item. You simply take photos; upload them; and we wait for the rentals to arrive. We help with the return and dry cleaning process for our lenders, once again to make it as easy as possible.

Photo credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images

Photo credit: Edward Berthelot – Getty Images

What are the main reasons people rent?

I think rent is naturally associated with the wedding dress, which is definitely a huge category, but what has been really interesting over the past few months is actually the increase in brides’ rents, not just guests. The lockdown has caused so many outages which means brides have sometimes only had a few weeks to overturn a wedding, so we have many brides coming to us in last minute panic. We now also have a section dedicated to the bride in the Selfridges pop-up which has been incredibly popular. Renting your wedding dress is the future.

Does fashion rental help solve some of the problems surrounding customers craving novelty?

No doubt. In the UK, customers spend £ 2.7 billion on clothes they only wear once. Social media has somehow created this myth that if you’ve had a photo inside, you can’t wear it again, which means we’re just wasting an obscene amount of clothes. The rental allows consumers to still have that novelty, but without contributing to unnecessary consumption.

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